Agrichainx Investment Review: Innovative Agric DeFi or Scam?

Are you considering investing with Agrichainx in Nigeria and wondering if the company is legit or a scam?

Maybe you are even wowed by the company’s approach to agriculture and agro-investment via Blockchain technologies.

But you want to be sure if Agrichainx is a legit agric Investment opportunity and worth your money?

In this article, we’ll look at the Investment proposition of Agrichainx and analyze if the company is worth our investment or not.

The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only. You, as the investor, have the final prerogative to invest or not to invest in the opportunity.

What Is Agrichainx All About

Agrichainx claims to be Africa’s first global Blockchain, Internet of Things and Big Data enabled decentralized marketplace connecting farmers with traders, finance, tools and resources. 

The company’s proposition is to facilitate smart farming for farmers, provide resources for agric networking and access to funding, and employ smart contracts for stakeholders to invest in agricultural projects.

Agrichainx utilizes its own cryptocurrency, Agricoin, for transactions on its platforms, which also provides access for investors to come in and capture value.

Agricoin – The Agrichainx Cryptocurrency

Agrichainx is employing its own cryptocurrency, which will be used for all transactions on its network and platforms.

Investors would have to invest in the Agricoin to get access to Agrichainx’s bouquets of investment options.

Farmers and farm projects receiving investments in Agricoin can exchange it for cash to fund their farm projects and logistics.

The plan is to get Agricoin to be the base currency for all agric transactions on the Agrichainx platform, which will hopefully grow the value of the Agricoin.

As the value of the Agricoin grows, holders of the Agricoin would enjoy more financial returns when they exchange Agricoin for Fiat currency.

How Does Agrichainx Make Money?

There is no clear way that Agrichainx makes money, but from the design of the Agrichainx business, the profit is in the power of its network.

By bringing agric stakeholders in one platform, there is hope that Agrichainx would grow the value of its network, which is reflected in the value of its cryptocurrency, Agricoin.

Also, Agrichainx runs a cooperative for farmers and Agricultural ventures. It might generate income this way, through membership fees and external funding.

How to Invest in Agrichainx

Investing in Agrichainx is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is invest in the security of the Agrichainx network through its nodes, and you’ll get rewarded accordingly.

By investing in Agrichainx nodes, you help in increasing the security of transactions taking place on the Agrichainx network, in return, you enjoy a higher stake.

This is similar to how Proof-of-stake (PoS) works on most Defi platforms. The higher your stake, the higher veto power and earnings, you enjoy on the network.

To start investing with Agrichainx, you have to invest in a minimum of 1 node to a maximum of 150 nodes, which gives a daily lifetime ROI.

How Much ROI Does Agrichainx Offer?


1 Nodes

Investment: $4

ROI: $5 daily

Lifetime ROI

Super Bronze

12 Nodes

Investment: $40

ROI: $60 daily

Lifetime ROI


25 Nodes

Investment: $80

ROI: $125 daily

Lifetime ROI


70 Nodes

Investment: $200

ROI: $350 daily

Lifetime ROI


150 Nodes

Investment: $400

ROI: $750 daily

Lifetime ROI

Is Agrichainx Legit or Scam?

You can’t know for sure if Agrichainx is a legit or scam investment scheme.

However, there are a few features of the investment that doesn’t seem legit. For example, how does the company plan to pay a life-time ROI for a one-time investment?

No legitimate investment would make such unreasonable and unsustainable promise just to entice investors.

Even though Agrichainx has a good and holistic plan towards agric sustainability and farmers empowerment, there is no way to clearly see how the company plans to employ all these technologies, and how that would benefit the investors.

Maybe just a plan to make the whole scheme seem complicated and tech-inclined in order to entice gullible investors?

Maybe, just maybe.

Can You Lose Money With Agrichainx?

The way the Agrichainx Investment plan is structured, it could be hard to lose your investment.

But that is if everything goes as planned. You never can tell when this company’s change the roadmap.

Also, there is no clarity on the maturity of the Agrichainx investment. 

If you invest in a node today, when are you guaranteed to start getting your ROI? This is where the problem lies.

Will Agrichainx start paying investors’ ROI immediately? Or in 3 months time? Or in 2 years time? Or never?

Your guess is as good as mine.

If they pay ROI within a month, then it means that investors can break even within a month and start enjoying free earnings for life.

But would the Agrichainx Investment ever work this way?

Should You Invest in Agrichainx?

If Agrichainx pays ROI within a month, then it might be worth the risk.

You invest what you can lose, wait for a month to get your ROI (if they actually pay) and continue to get paid for life.

That is how it’s supposed to work, right?

But the Agrichainx Investment might not go as planned.

What if they promise to pay back ROI after 2 years, or at a later launch date?

Or even give you the Agricoin worth of the ROI, which we all know is not worth anything outside the Agrichainx platform.

Well, it’s all your decision to make, but you should invest only what you can afford to lose, as the nature of cryptocurrency investment is not yet as stable as traditional investments.




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