Pennytree Investment Review: Stable Digital ROI or Scam?

Pennytree is pioneering a new way for millennials to earn stable digital income.

A new digital lifestyle fintech that eases savings and investing for new entrants.

But is the platform worth the risk? Does Pennytree represent a good run for your money?

In this article, we’ll take a look at what Pennytree is trying to do, and if they are worth investing in.

Let’s get started.

What Is Pennytree All About?

Pennytree is looking to make finance and lifestyle convergent for today’s Nigerian youth.

They are pioneering a new way for millennials and young people to save and invest in ways they are already familiar with.

With products that focus on savings, payments, and lifestyle games, the company hopes to make finance fun again.

How Does Pennytree Make Money?

According to the platform, it is not exactly clear how Pennytree makes money.

The company claims that all transfers on their platform are free.

They also have a bills payment feature, where users can buy airtime and pay for utilities.

So, I’ll guess that Pennytree makes money from commission earned via its bill payments feature and also by reinvesting the bulk of deposits made on its platform into other investment portfolios.

Or plans to introduce a new feature in the future that would help them monetize their financial services.

How to Invest in Pennytree

You can invest in Pennytree through their app, which is downloadable on the Google Play store and Apple App Store.

You’ll need to verify your account using your phone number and BVN to be able to have an active wallet on the platform.

As of now, Pennytree has two available products where users can invest: 

  • Pennytree Target savings 
  • Pennytree Personal Vault

How Much ROI Does Pennytree Offer?

According to their website, Pennytree offers a maximum ROI of 15% per annum.

You can earn up to 15% ROI per annum when you subscribe to the pennywise Target savings, and between 10% to 15% when you subscribe to the Personal Vault plan, depending on the tenure.

The personal vault savings is a kind of lock-in savings where users can save for a minimum of three months, towards any short-term or long-term financial goal.

Is Pennytree Legit or Scam?

There is no way to know whether Pennytree is legit or a scam.

However, it is important to note that the platform is still new, so savers and investors may need to exercise a bit of caution.

What I Hate About Pennytree

There is nothing to hate particularly about Pennytree, but there are some features that I believe are missing.

For now, investment-wise, Pennytree only features savings-focused products, which I believe may be part of an MVP to test the market.

So, product-wise, pennytree doesn’t offer anything new or innovative for me.

As a self-professed gamified platform, I expected to see a few interesting gamifications with their financial products.

But the platform is still all basic. Maybe they plan to roll out more features based on user demands.

We’ll see about that.

What I Like About Pennytree


To be honest, the promised ROI of 15% per annum isn’t too bad.

And that is if they plan to deliver on that.

Also, I really like their tech. They have a beautiful tech product, which shows that the guys behind Pennytree are meticulous to a level.

More so, I’m quite interested in their plan to connect lifestyle with finance, but I’m yet to see how that works in practice via available products on their platform.

In my opinion, automated target savings is nothing new in the industry, so I’m still looking out for more from this new Fintech.

Can You Lose Money With Pennytree?

You never can tell.

I believe that Pennytree is still a new Fintech in Nigeria, and may need the benefit of the doubt.

Like they say, every great thing started from one day.

So, I’ll avoid being overly critical on this one. Let’s just wait and see.

Should You Invest in Pennytree?

Honestly, I wouldn’t.

The founders may have a good intention, but they have no reputation that makes them trustworthy enough to invest in.

More so, I do not know how my deposit is utilized or reinvested to give me a return of 15% per annum. Pennywise needs to clarify this on their FAQ.

As far as my research goes, I can’t see any reputable affiliate, accelerator or tech veteran backing Pennytree.

I guess as a beta product, the guys at Pennytree would know how to handle these trust issues.

They’d probably start marketing their product right from their close circle and grow from there.




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