1Global Investment Review: Legit or Scam Investment Program?

Are you looking to invest your money into 1Global investment?

Are their short-term interest bearing investment enticing enough to invest your money?

Well, you have to take a look before you leap. 

In this review, we’ll analyze the investment proposition of 1Global to see if it is legit or an arrangement to scam you of your money.

What Is 1Global All About?

1Global first made its entrance into the market as a penny auction website which enables eCommerce buyers to bid on items.

However, in recent times, the company has launched an investment scheme which promises mouthwatering returns in the short-term.

1Global also has other business ventures integrated into the 1Global brand, such as bill payment and corporate partnerships.

How Does 1Global Make Money?

Looking at the history of the business of 1Global, the company makes money from auction fees paid by its customers via its bid packs.

But with its Investment arm, it is not clear how the company makes money or how it intends to utilize investors funds.

This is an important grey area where investors need to pay attention in order not to risk their funds unnecessarily.

How to Invest in 1Global

1Global has an investment arm known as FSaver, where investors can invest for short-term returns.

The company claims that with the FSaver Investment account, investors can grow their money with ease, and have the opportunity to withdraw their interest anytime.

This essentially means that ROIs are paid on a daily basis and there is no obligation on the part of the investors to maintain a structured investment tenure.

How Much ROI Does 1Global Offer?

1Global runs two types of FSaver Investments with different ROIs:

Basic FSaver

On this investment plan, 1Global promises 1% DPY ROI and 20% MPY.

I don’t know what DPY and MPY actually mean, but I’ll assume that DPY means Daily Pay or Daily Percentage Yield, and MPY means Monthly Pay or Monthly Percentage Yield.

If I’m correct, it means that the 1Global Basic FSaver Investment plan gives a whopping 1% returns daily and 20% returns monthly.

If it works as claimed, then it would be better to stick with daily returns.

The minimum investment amount on this FSaver plan is 5,400 Naira and the maximum investment amount is 539,987 Naira.

FSaver Market Lock

This plan looks like a structured savings investment plan where investors earn per investment tenure.

On this plan, 1Global promises to pay ROIs of 9% for a 15-day tenure, 11% for a 30-day tenure, and 15% for a 60-day tenure.

I don’t know if this works, but if it does, why would anyone invest in anything other than the 15-day tenure? Shorter term, higher returns.

Is 1Global Legit or Scam?

To be honest, I’m quite sceptical about the legitimacy of 1Global investment.

Firstly, there is no clarity on how the investments are utilized and how investors would get back their funds.

Secondly, the investment plans are not well put together. The scheme seems like it is organized by some inexperienced group.

I’m strongly leaning towards the premise that 1Global might be an auction site turned into a scam hub.

But I don’t want to make any conclusions yet, because you can never be sure. Only time will tell.

Can You Lose Money With 1Global?

1Global makes no guarantee that you will get any returns, not to talk of getting back your capital.

So, it’s quite dicey and you can lose all your money if you invest.

There is no information anywhere that 1Global has any license from the SEC or if its investments are insured by any insurance company in Nigeria.

All you get from 1Global are baseless claims and promises to grow your money, without showing any methodology, proof or process of actually doing that.

So, the risk is on you. 

Should You Invest in 1Global?

To be honest, investing with 1Global is essentially a gamble. 

You could be among the lucky few to get a return on investment, or you could be among the casualties who lose 100% of their investment.

Even though I like the fact that 1Global investment plans are short-term and liquid, I’m not taking their word for it.

And I’m not even going to try to play smart either, by quickly getting in and getting out.

There is no guarantee that you’ll get anything back once your money hits the bank account of 1Global.

They just don’t have enough market reputation to enjoy my benefit of doubt. And for that, I wouldn’t consider investing even a penny.

So, for this Investment opportunity, I’m definitely not interested.

I’m out.




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