Bitasset Station Review: Legit or Scam Tech Investment?

Ever heard of Bitasset Station and looking to invest your money with them for high returns?

Looking to invest in Tech startups via a U.K company from Nigeria or anywhere in the world?

If so, then you might want to read this review first before investing your hard-earned money with Bitasset Station Ltd.

In this review, we’ll take a look at the Bitasset Station company, the people behind the business, what they do, and if the company is worth investing in.

Let’s dive in.

What Is Bitasset Station All About?

Bitasset Station Ltd is a fund management company based in the U.K. 

The company claims to invest funds into tech startups, and promises to give back high returns on investment up to 600%.

How Does Bitasset Station Make Money?

As a fund management company, the company makes money by managing investors’ funds and investments.

According to the Bitasset Station website, the company does their “best to protect clients’ funds and guarantee 100% security of all personal information.

So, essentially, the company is claiming to make money from the profits it is able to make while investing clients funds in discreet startup businesses.

How to Invest in Bitasset Station

To invest in Bitasset Station, you’ll have to open an account with them via their website, and then make your investment deposit.

The company claims that all investments with them are “considered as an amicable, mutually beneficial process of cooperation.” 

They also claim to “pay good money as interest accruals to all interested clients” for investing with them.

How Much ROI Does Bitasset Station Offer?

Bitasset offers different levels of ROI as follows:


Paid daily x 200 days

Minimum deposit: $20


Paid after 10 days

Minimum deposit: $700


Paid after 20 days

Minimum deposit: $2,500


Paid after 90 days

Minimum deposit: $200

Bitasset Station Affiliate Marketing

The company also runs an affiliate marketing program (!) that pays 5% returns on anything paid by referred investors.

Is Bitasset Station Legit or Scam?

The nature of the investment scheme run by Bitasset station Ltd looks somewhat suspicious.

Yes, the company is registered in London, U.K as a fund management company with company number 13630865, but does that make it legitimate?

Of course not.

Also, Bitasset Station seems to be quite new, as records show that the company was incorporated on the 20th of September 2021.

The company has only one director, named Hayes Williams. This means that the structure of the company might be a sole proprietorship (aka One Man Business) rather than a “company” as it is being advertised.

Can You Lose Money With Bitasset Station?


Now back to the nature of the investment scheme run by Bitasset Station Ltd.

First of all, any investment into a startup company is highly risky. You could lose 100% of your money.

Nobody can guarantee you any return on investment made into a startup company, no matter how innovative the company is.

Also, there is nowhere in the world where an investment into a startup or business pays returns in a matter of days or months. It is just impossible. 

In fact, no company would take a venture capital, private investment, or loan, if they are required to pay back in a matter of days.

Most startups require years, sometimes between 5 to 10 years, to grow their business and make returns for investors; and that is if they manage to become successful.

So, with Bitasset Station promising returns in a matter of days, I’m quite suspicious of their legitimacy and what they intend to achieve with investors’ funds.

What kind of startup companies do they invest in that yield returns in a matter of days? 

What kind of products or services do they offer that could start bringing returns in a matter of days? 

Are these companies seeking funds to grow their business or seeking funds to make a quick home run?

Well, it all looks suspicious.

Should You Invest in Bitasset Station?

I wouldn’t.

As much as I love the idea of investing in startup companies, and feel that there’s a need to democratize the process, Bitasset Station isn’t convincing enough.

There is so much information missing in the portfolio details. 

Which companies are investors investing in? How much Investment is needed per company? How many investors or investment slots are required per company? etc.

Also, it is silly to invest in a startup company as a private investor without getting some form of equity from the company. The risk is just too high to only get a meagre return on your investment.

And finally, no startup investment will yield returns in a matter of days or months. Even high-performing Silicon Valley startup companies yield returns in a matter of years.

So, I’ll pass on this one.




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