Jadek Farms Review: Legit or Scam Farmland Scheme?

Jadek Farms is soliciting funds from the public in a bid to change the approach to Agriculture participation in Nigeria.

But is Jadek Farms Legit or a scam?

What industry reputation do they have that should encourage investors to put their money into Jadek farms?

Well, in this review article, we’ll be looking at the proposition of this company and the pros and cons of investing with them.

At the end of this review, you’ll be able to make your choice whether or not to invest in Jadek Farms.

The prerogative to invest is totally yours.

So, what is Jadek Farms all about?

Jadek Farms is proposing to help investors invest in farmland ownership in Nigeria.

The idea is to help investors own Farmlands and participate in agricultural venture without the need to be present or to handle farming themselves.

Jadek Farms promises to manage the whole process for investors, from getting the land, to planting, harvesting, and selling of proceeds.

All an investor needs to do is just invest, and they would be proud owners of Farmlands in Jadek Farms’ Farm City.

All farms are insured by NAIC and Anchor Insurance, with coverage paid by the investors.

How does Jadek Farms make money?

Jadek Farms makes money from this venture by providing their agricultural services to investors.

On behalf of investors, they acquire farmlands, plant crops, manage the farms, harvest crops, store and sell proceeds.

For every investment made towards acquiring and managing farmland, Jadek Farms get a cut in service fees.

How to Invest in Jadek Farms

Through Jadek Farms website, investors can invest into aggregated farmland offers from Jadek Farm City.

The farmland offers are in different packages depending on the type of crop investors are willing to invest in, and comes with land ownership (really?)

Here are some of Jadek Farms Investment Packages:

Yam Lease Plan

In this package, you invest ₦1,100,000 per acre to earn up to 1.6 Million Naira annually.

The cost covers farm setup and management, insurance, and annual land ownership.

Cashew Farm

In this package, you invest ₦800,000 per acre to earn up to N750,000 after 36 months.

Investors begin to earn after 3 years when Cashew begins to fruit (really?)

The cost covers farm setup and management, insurance, and annual land ownership.

Tomato Farm

In this package, you invest N1.7million per acre to earn up to N1million after 6 months.

The cost covers farm setup and management, insurance, and annual land ownership.

Pineapple Farm

In this package, you invest N1.3million per acre to earn up to N1.5million after 18 months.

The cost covers farm setup and management, insurance, and annual land ownership.

Is Jadek Farms Legit or Scam?

All I can say is that I am really sceptical about the legitimacy of Jadek Farms.

Yes, their industry reputation is zero. Zilch. But there are other concerns.

First, the investment offers on their website are contradictory and confusing at best. And even bogus.

For example, their cashew plan offer promises investors a return of “up to 1 Million Naira annually for the next 30-50 years” 

Whereas, it takes 3 whole years for the Investment to yield, but Jadek farms only offers 12 months farm management.

The question now is, what then happens to the cashew farm for the next two years before yield? 

Does the company plan to close shop or “crash” in just one year? 

Your guess is as good as mine.

Also, the insurance for the farm is bought by the investor, and not by Jadek farms.

What this means essentially, is that Jadek Farms brings nothing to the table except for their bogus claims of helping investors acquire farmlands.

So, there is nothing on ground until investors bring money.

When Jadek Farms get investors’ money, they then acquire lands, buy insurance and start farming.

There is nothing unique here. 

Why should I give my hard earned money to a group of self-acclaimed farmers with unverifiable farming activities when I could just hire some farmers to do the same for me?

Why should I leave my Investment in the hands of Jadek Farms for one whole year, when I can’t ascertain if they’ll be around for the long term?

Again, your guess is as good as mine.

Can you Lose Money with Jadek Farms ?

It looks likely.

The question is what happens when you invest with Jadek Farms today, and tomorrow, the company vanishes into thin air.

Who do you hold responsible? Nobody.

Their promise of helping investors acquire acres of land at meagre costs is just too bogus and suspicious.

For example, in Jadek Farms Yam Better Plan package, they offer full/outright land ownership with issued documents and insurance for just N1.3million per acre.

That means, you get an acre of land, the land ownership document and c-of-o document, insurance, and yam crops planted and managed on your behalf.

For just N1.3million?

That seems like a big fat lie. Jadek farms should tell us something more convincing.

The only guarantee here is that it looks like a scam and you may lose your money to a fly-by-night company.

Should you Invest in Jadek Farms?

I don’t trust Jadek Farms.

So, I wouldn’t invest a penny of my money in a scheme such as this.

The farm ownership angle looks like a plan to get investors to fork out more money for lands that may not exist.

Investors are required to fund their farms from scratch, and yet, have no control or liquidity.

That looks like a bad investment to me.

I’d prefer to rent land by myself and hire farmers to farm for me. That would be way cheaper than Jadek farms is offering, plus I would have 100% control over what happens on my farm.

That said, I’m not buying the narrative of investing with Jadek Farms.

Too risky, not convinced.




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