Haru Invest Review: Legit 35% ROI or just another Crypto Scam?

Haru Invest is promising investors a mouthwatering 35% ROI per annum on their digital asset investment.

Should you start pumping the coin based on the promise of Haru Invest or is this just another Crypto Scam?

In this review, we’ll take a look at what Haru Invest is doing and if the company is worth investing your digital assets with.

Let’s get started.

What Is Haru Invest All About?

Haru Invest claims to be a digital assets trading and management company that manages and reinvests investors’ digital assets through different trading activities and partnerships.

The company is aiming to give investors access to trading strategies and empower their clients with opportunities to win more with their crypto assets.

Through Haru Invest, investors could invest their Bitcoin in short-term income-generating portfolios and earn interest irrespective of the crypto price fluctuations.

How Does Haru Invest Make Money?

Haru Invest makes money by reinvesting investors’ digital assets using low-to-medium risk trading strategies such as arbitrage trading, market neutral trading, and market-making.

Their trading strategies involve capitalizing on market inefficiency and price gaps, which is created via partnerships and insider access to trades.

How to Invest in Haru Invest

To invest with Haru Invest, you can invest your Bitcoin via any of the following plans:

Haru Earn Plus

With Haru Earn Plus, you can earn a fixed return up to 15% ROI which is payable daily.

Your ROI would depend on your investment duration or lockup period, which can range from 15 – 365 days.

Haru Earn Explore

With Haru Earn Explore, investors can aim for a higher ROI by exploring different investment strategies with varying returns.

Investors could earn up to 35% ROI depending on their selected investment strategy and the investment duration, which could be anywhere between 1 and 3 months.

Is Haru Invest Legit or Scam?

To be honest, there is no way to know if Haru Invest is legit or a scam.

The nature of these types of business however shows that there can be tendencies to lose your investment.

Haru Invest has provided no guarantees or insurance against losses, and there is no known enforcement body regulating their activities.

The company has however partnered with BitGo; a digit asset trust and security company, which may be substantial proof of legitimate intention on the part of Haru Invest.

What I Hate About Haru Invest

I hate the fact that there is no strong digital ecosystem behind the product.

For me, investing with Haru Invest feels so lonely and risky. I’m literally handing over my digital assets to a company that hasn’t shown enough social proof.

When I mean social proof, I don’t mean having loads of paid comments on telegram or reddit. I mean a solid ecosystem of investors, traders, enablers, etc just like Binance.

Even though Haru Invest may have good intentions, the nature of their business is giving me a hard time to trust this company.

What I Like About Haru Invest

I like the fact that Haru Invest is trying to democratize high-level crypto trading and investment.

Most crypto newbies have gotten their fingers burnt trying to trade crypto futures, but here’s a company trying to give literally everyone a chance to make money without taking too much risk.

I can see that they have other allied services like crypto exchange and staking. But if they could grow their ecosystem to a very reasonable level, this could be a very good platform for investing and making money via digital assets.

Can You Lose Money With Haru Invest?

Even though Haru Invest makes it seem like you have nothing to lose, I have a hard time believing that.

There are a few questions to ask here.

What if Haru Invest makes some losses with their trades? Who incurs those losses?

Every trade can’t surely go their way, right?

Ok, what about those charges incurred while arbitraging between different crypto exchanges? Who incurs those charges?

Are the charges covered by the power of their partnerships or by the magnitude of their arbitrage gains?

If they are staking investors’ digital assets on other platforms, how are they able to achieve such high returns within a short investment duration?

Maybe there is a trade secret somewhere.

Should You Invest in Haru Invest?

I’m quite a bit skeptical about investing with Haru Invest.

The returns are interesting, but just too much above market rate that it begins to raise some eyebrows.

If you must invest, then do so with funds that you’re willing to lose. 

The Haru Earn Plus looks like a good place to start.




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