Grip Invest Review: Legit Curated Investment or Scam?

Grip Invest is curating some of the most sought-after alternative investment opportunities in the market for non-traditional investors.

They claim to help investors go beyond the usual unpredictability, volatility, and low returns that have become the trademark for most digital investment vehicles.

But is Grip Invest any different?

In this review, we’ll take a look at what the company is offering and if it’s worth putting your money on.

What Is Grip Invest All About?

Grip Invest is a digital platform that curates alternative investment opportunities outside the usual market options such as stocks and fixed deposits.

Some of their offerings include corporate debt, startup equity investment, and commercial real estate.

Investors are required to be able to attain a reasonable investment threshold to be eligible to invest.

How Does Grip Invest Make Money?

Grip makes money by charging investors a management fee on every return received.

They charge about 2% of the investment returns, after earnings and not before.

This may be different from any profit agreement between Grip Invest and its SPV partners.

How to Invest in Grip Invest

Like many other digital investment platforms, Grip Invest provides a simple pathway for investors to invest on the go.

Simply sign up on the Grip Invest platform, complete your KYC, and then you can start looking at deals on the assets page.

Make sure to check the expected returns and required minimum investment before investing.

How Much ROI Does Grip Invest Offer?

Although Grip Invest highlights the rate of return for each asset, those are mere projections based on past performances.

Grip doesn’t guarantee any ROI for its investors, even if there is always a chance to earn a return from investing in an asset.

To understand the possible earnings for an asset, investors are advised to read the lease agreement of the chosen asset before investing.

Is Grip Invest Legit or Scam?

Grip Invest looks legit, as they have some reputable partners on their platform.

However, investors are required to carry out their own due diligence due to some of the advertised assets carrying a high-level of risk.

What I Like About Grip Invest 

Liquidity in terms of frequency of return.

Most of the assets on Grip Invest offer monthly returns, which means that investors could start earning in just 30 days.

This makes Grip Invest an ideal platform for investors who are investing for cash flow, not just for capital appreciation.

What I Dislike About Grip Invest 

Quite expensive.

You have to think twice before investing with Grip Invest because of the high investment amount required.

Most of the assets listed on Grip Invest require an average of up to $1000 which is about 80,000 INR.

So, Grip Invest is not your average investment tech where you can throw in $20 per month on stocks.

You’d have to know what you’re investing in, and be ready to pay top dollars for it.

Can You Lose Money With Grip Invest?

It looks likely.

Since Grip Invest is offering no guarantees that investors can recoup 100% of their investment in case of partner default.

However, they have a few financial securities in place such as security deposits and asset holding with their partners.

This ensures that in most cases, investors would get something back if a partner defaults.

Still, there is a chance that investors can lose their money with Grip Invest.

Should You Invest in Grip Invest?

The ball is in your court.

Grip Invest is a great platform for investors seeking alternative investment assets that are less volatile and more diversified.

However, investors have to decide if they are ready to put up with the risk of investing in a non-traditional way.

Better to do your own due diligence and only invest what you can afford to lose.




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