COTP Review: 3.6% Daily ROI or Crypto Arbitrage Scam?

Looking to invest your money into the COTP crypto arbitrage trading platform?

Want to know if COTP is actually a legit company where you can make genuine returns via arbitraging cryptocurrency?

Then this article is for you.

We’ll take a look at what this platform is all about, the motive behind their business, and if they are worth investing your money in.

Let’s get started.

What Is COTP All About?

COTP is a crypto trading platform that aims to help you make money via crypto arbitrage, using artificial intelligence to profitably trade crypto over the counter.

Hence their name Crypto Over-the-counter Trading Platform (COTP)

In order words, they claim to automate the process of buying crypto low and selling high across several crypto trading platforms.

Any profits made in between are shared with their investors and other promoters.

How can you make money on the COTP Platform?

Investors are allowed to place arbitrage orders on the COTP platform every two hours daily, up to twelve times per day.

When you place an arbitrage order on the platform, the funds are debited and returned with profit after two hours.

Every arbitrage order generates a profit which totals to about 3.6% ROI daily.

COTP claims that investors will always make money whether the market is bullish or bearish as its arbitrage methods employ both shorting and longing trading strategies which profit from price differences across platforms.

How to Invest in COTP

According to the platform, you can invest as little as $10 to start making money on the COTP platform.

This fund is usually converted to USDT and transferred to a crypto trading wallet managed by COTP.

How Much ROI Does COTP Offer?

The platform is promising a whopping 3.6% ROI per day, which can amount to over 100% ROI per month.

So, you could get double of what you invest monthly with COTP.

Is COTP Legit or Scam?

All I can say is that if any investment smells like a scam or operates like a scam, it definitely is a scam.

The question any investor should ask is, how feasible is it for an asset to return over 100% ROI per month?

That is over 1200% ROI per year!

That is whopping, unprecedented, and definitely unsustainable.

Even if it was legit, it’ll only be a matter of time before the coin changes head.

What I Hate About COTP

The most notable thing about the platform is that it operates manually, yet claims to employ artificial intelligence in its trading.

If that was true, the company would show its investors how that artificial intelligence is put to work to yield such exorbitant returns.

All the company has shown is some abracadabra where your investment is taken to some yoyoland and then magically returned with profits.

It definitely reeks of a ponzi.

What I Like About COTP

The only thing to like about COTP is the massive ROI promised.

But no one knows how long the sweet feeling would last for investors who are holding the fort.

It could end tonight and that smiley face could turn sour.

Can You Lose Money With COTP?

It looks likely.

I see this platform as a fly-by-night operation that may pull the rug beneath its investors.

So, many things doesn’t sit right with the company, such as its founders, their operations, their regulatory compliance, etc.

A lot of high-risk investors may want to try it out one time as a money doubling scheme to double their investment.

But who knows at whose turn the roulette would stop.

Should You Invest in COTP?

I wouldn’t invest in this company.

It’s too risky for me and looks poorly organized and managed.

Also, its trading method, that is over-the-counter arbitrage, has been proven not to work due to high inter-platform fees.

I see the “artificial intelligence” mantra muddled around as just a gimmick coined to fool gullible investors.

Definitely not for me.




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