Hawkit Income Review – Daily Cool Cash or Waste of Time?

Looking to start making daily income online via the Hawkit platform?

Maybe you’ve been convinced by a friend or colleague to join Hawkit via their website or mobile app and start making money online.

But does the platform actually do what it says it will do?

Can you earn reasonable income via Hawkit that equates to your capital and time investment?

In this review article, we’ll look at the Hawkit Income opportunity to see if it is worth getting into or not.

It might just be a good fit for your financial goals, or it might not.

Let’s get started.

What Is Hawkit All About?

Hawkit is a platform that allows affiliates to make money by performing social tasks.

It’s a sort of social task platform where affiliates are paid to perform tasks such as social media follows and social media likes, as well as referring their friends.

The platform promises to pay users daily cool cash which can range from 2 Naira to 10 Naira per task.

How Does Hawkit Make Money?

Hawkit makes money in several ways.

First, they make money when affiliates or taskers join their platform via a membership fee of 1,000 Naira.

They also make money when customers pay them for social media likes, follows, and posts. Hawkit shares this income with its affiliates.

The platform also makes money by selling subsidized airtime and data plans to users on its platform.

How to Start Making Money on Hawkit

To start making money on Hawkit, you first have to signup on their website or mobile app.

Then you pay a membership fee of 1,000 to become a bonafide earning member on the platform.

Thereafter, you can start referring others to the platform and performing tasks to start earning.

How Much Can You Make on Hawkit?

It depends.

Your earnings on the Hawkit platform depends on how many daily tasks are available to you.

Also, it depends on how many paid members you can refer to join the platform.

For every successful new paid member you refer to Hawkit, you earn 500 Naira.

The platform also lets you resell airtime and data plans, so you could make good money if you can find customers.

Is Hawkit Legit or Scam?

Well, it depends on how you see it.

In my opinion, most of these platforms that require you to pay before getting access to make money are usually not reliable.

Just so you know, the best platforms globally for making money online are free to access and join.

What I Hate About Hawkit

Obviously, it is the membership fee.

I don’t see the value in the platform that justifies members to pay a membership fee.

If the tasks on the platform pay as high as 1,000 Naira per task, then maybe it would be worth it.

But for tasks that don’t come often, and pay an average of 3 Naira, the membership fee seems like an unnecessary road block.

Except that maybe that membership fee is the only way for Hawkit and its members to make any reasonable money.

What I Like About Hawkit

Ironically, the good thing about Hawkit is the membership fee.

Convince two people to join and you would have recouped your initial investment.

But then what?

You have to continue toiling to get new members in if you want to keep the cash flowing.

Can You Lose Money With Hawkit?

It seems likely.

If you fail to successfully refer someone to the platform, you’ll be left with earning around 5 to 10 Naira per day.

This will take you a minimum of 3 months to recoup your initial fee, not to talk of earning any money.

Should You Join Hawkit?

To me, the Hawkit platform seems like a waste of time.

You could put that time and effort into something else and earn better pay for yourself.

But some will argue that you could make some good money by selling airtime and data bundles on Hawkit.

Yes, that is possible.

However, the unreliability of Hawkit to deliver your purchased airtime or data could easily put you at a loss and out of business.

On the platform, there are many complaints of people who purchased airtime and data but didn’t get any value.

You could give it a try though and see for yourself.

But for me, I’ll only wish Hawkit and its members the best of luck.




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