Cordros Capital Review: Dividend Passive Income Investment?

Cordros Capital made our list of Top Hedge Funds to Invest in Nigeria, so it’s only right that we dedicate a proper review for the company.

They offer some really exciting passive income investment portfolios that are not only competitive but also in tune with the times.

Cordros first started out as a stock brokerage, but have now morphed into investment management, curating the best financial offerings for investors.

In this review, we’ll take a look at some of the company’s offerings to see if they are worth investing in. They may just be worth the weight in gold.

Let’s dive right in.

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    Cordros: Access to Diversified Passive Income

    Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Cordros is not just your regular hedge fund or portfolio management company.

    There is just something exciting about this investment company.

    If you take a look at what they offer, it’s clear what the company is trying to achieve — creating access to income-bearing diversified investments.

    The low barrier to entry for many of Cordros investment offerings might just be a signal that they want to help many beginner investors put their money to work.

    Cordros Investment Offerings

    Cordros boasts a well-rounded bouquet of investments targeting a wide-range of investor types, but 3 of their offerings stand out.

    • Cordros Fixed Income Fund
    • Cordros Money Market Fund
    • Cordros Dollar Fund

    Cordros Fixed Income Fund

    The Cordros Fixed Income Fund offers investors a safe and affordable way to put their money to work with minimal risk. 

    With a minimum investment of N2,500 and top-up options, investors have the choice to start investing small while growing their investment.

    As a dividend yielding investment, investors in the Cordros Fixed Income Fund will earn dividends on a semi-annual basis, which can be withdrawn or reinvested.

    The minimum investment tenure is 90 days.

    Cordros Money Market Fund

    The Cordros Money Market Fund is targeted at investors who are looking for liquidity, diversification, and regular returns.

    The Fund is an open-ended fund which invests in high-quality short term money market securities, and gives investors the opportunity to invest with as low as N10,000.

    As a dividend yielding fund, investors will receive dividends on a quarterly basis, which can be withdrawn or reinvested.

    The minimum investment tenure is 30 days.

    Cordros Dollar Fund

    The Cordros Dollar Fund is targeted at investors looking to diversify their investment for the medium term while earning higher interest than is offered with a domiciliary account.

    With a minimum of $500, investors can start investing and top-up as they deem fit.

    The Dollar Fund invests in US Dollar-denominated securities such as Eurobonds and USD Money Market Instruments.

    As a dividend yielding fund, investors will earn dividends on an annual basis, while holding their investment for a minimum period of 6 months.

    How To Invest With Cordros Capital

    To start investing with Cordros capital is as easy as logging onto their website at

    You’ll be required to complete subscription forms, do a KYC documentation and make a deposit into the designated investment account.

    This is even easier than opening a facebook account.

    How Much ROI Does Cordros Capital Offer?

    With Cordros Capital, there is no guaranteed ROI for investing in any fund. 

    The company claims that even though they promise investors a return, there is no guaranteed rate of return, as that is determined by market forces.

    Cordros Capital however, guarantees that the company will strive to achieve maximum competitive returns for investors.

    Is Cordros Capital Legit or Scam?

    Cordros Capital is legit and is arguably one of the top portfolio management companies in Nigeria. 

    The company is fully licensed by the SEC as a Fund/Portfolio Management company in Nigeria.

    With most of their investment offerings curated from regulated financial institutions in NIgeria, it’s safe to say that Cordros Capital is as legit as it gets.

    What I like About Cordros Capital

    The biggest advantage with investing with Cordros is the low barrier to entry.

    Most of their investment offerings are affordable, flexible, dividend yielding and open-ended, which is great for beginner investors looking to start small and grow from there.

    With just 10,000 Naira, you can start investing with any of Cordros Naira denominated funds and get your money working for you.

    What I Dislike About Cordros Capital

    Even though Cordros ticks most of the box for me, it may not do the same especially for beginner investors looking to earn a fixed guaranteed ROI.

    With Cordros not offering a particular guaranteed ROI, their offerings might not be as exciting for new investors who are used to making savings for a guaranteed return.

    Wouldn’t it have been better if Cordros offered a minimum guaranteed ROI based on historical average performance of their funds?

    Well, your guess is as good as mine. 

    Can You Lose Money With Cordros Capital?

    It looks unlikely due to the nature of the funds.

    Cordros invests in low-risk short-term money market securities and bonds that have a history of making returns.

    So, the risk of loss is minimal and almost non-existent.

    Should You Invest With Cordros Capital?

     It’s definitely a great way to start.

    With a low barrier to entry, short tenure, and competitive returns, Cordros Capital offers a no-brainer pathway for beginner investors to start putting their money to work in a diversified way.

    The question now isn’t whether you’d make a return by investing with Cordros Capital, but how much you can make with their bouquet of investments.

    It’s definitely one to look out for, especially if you need professional guidance in choosing the right investment for your financial goals.

    I’d say, go for it.




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