Expertnaire Review: Affiliate Marketing or Waste of time?

Expertnaire has been one of the most touted affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria.

In fact, there is an army of affiliates waiting to recruit new people into the program.

But is Expertnaire actually a lucrative affiliate marketing scheme for Nigerians or just another waste of time?

In this review, we’ll be looking at many aspects of Expertnaire to help us decide of it is worth the effort or just another waste of time.

Let’s dive in.

So, what is Expertnaire All About?

Expertnaire is an affiliate marketing program in Nigeria, by Nigerians and for Nigerians.

The platform provides the opportunity for information and content marketers to leverage an army of affiliate marketers to sell their digital contents.

In simple terms, Expertnaire is a central melting point for digital marketers in Nigeria. While some members provide digital contents and products for sale (vendors), others sell those digital products using their digital marketing skills (affiliates).

How Does Expertnaire Make Money?

So, Expertnaire provides the platform for digital products vendors and affiliate marketers in Nigeria.

The company makes money by charging a membership fee to both digital marketing parties.

Expertnaire charges vendors a 25,000 Naira yearly fee, while affiliate marketers are charged a 10,000 Naira yearly fee.

So, Expertnaire isn’t free to join.

Also, Expertnaire takes a 10% cut off every sale made on the platform. So, for a product priced at 25,000 Naira, Expertnaire makes 2,500 Naira per sale.

How to Join Expertnaire as an Affiliate

Joining Expertnaire as an affiliate is a simple and straightforward process. You only have to pay a registration fee of 10,000 Naira.

Once you have paid your registration fee, you’ll be given access to the platform to start marketing digital products.

How Much can you make on Expertnaire?

How much you make on Expertnaire would depend on the products you are marketing and how much sales you are making.

Some products give affiliates as much as 70% per sale. That means if the product is priced at 100,000 Naira and you successfully convince someone to purchase it, you’d make 70,000 Naira.

However, making such sales is easier said than done.

You could also make money by selling many low-priced products on Expertnaire.

It is easier to sell a product that costs 10,000 Naira than a product that costs 80,000 Naira, all things being equal.

Is Expertnaire Legit or Scam?

The company seems to be legit, as it is owned by some known faces in the Nigerian digital marketing space.

As an affiliate the only risk you are taking is paying the yearly membership fee, which is non-refundable.

After joining, you have the chance to make money if you have the right marketing skills and resources to sell enough digital products.

Can You Lose Money With Expertnaire?


The membership fee of 10,000 Naira is non-refundable. So, you have to be a serious marketer to join the platform.

If after joining Expertnaire, you choose to be lazy and do nothing, then you would have lost your 10,000 Naira.

Also, if after joining Expertnaire, you do not have the right marketing budget or time to start marketing products from the platform, then you would lose your money.

The 10,000 Naira membership is just a first step. You would need capital for running a marketing campaign to sell products from Expertnaire.

Most of the affiliate marketers making lots of money on Expertnaire spend thousands of Naira if not millions, advertising on Facebook and other sites.

So, you need to keep in mind that you would need some dedicated time and enough capital to drive sales and make money from Expertnaire.

Should You Join Expertnaire?

It depends.

If you have the right digital marketing skills, if you have at least a marketing capital of 200,000 Naira, and enough time on your hands, then you should join Expertnaire.

But if you are investing your last 10,000 into Expertnaire in hope that you would make money without doing much, then you are in for a huge disappointment.

Digital marketing isn’t cheap.

You need to be buoyant enough to make enough noise for your products and capture market share, otherwise you would be just another newbie parting with his money.




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