Reaprite Review: Can you Reap 16% ROI just from Savings?

Reaprite is promising a whopping 16% ROI just from saving your money on the platform.

Is this a legitimate claim or just another marketing gimmick? 

Is Realrite a legit or scam opportunity to invest your money?

In this article, we’ll look at the proposition from Reaprite to help us decide if they are actually worth investing in.

What do they do with the Investment and how do they intend to pay back the capital as well as the ROI to savers and investors?

Well, let’s take a look.

What Is Reaprite All About?

Reaprite is a Savings and investment platform that is operated as Reaprite Multipurpose Cooperative Society.

The company is based in Lagos and run by the guys at Agrorite. So, they are not new in the industry.

With their success with Agrorite in the Agri-tech industry, I’m made to believe that the company is diversifying into fintech as a means to create more access to finance for its allied businesses.

To corroborate this view, the company has claimed that Agrorite is an Agricultural investment partner to Reaprite. Which makes perfect sense considering what the company wants to achieve with Agrorite.

It may mean that Agrorite would stop soliciting or receiving direct public investments, and instead look to its sister company, Reaprite to fund its agricultural projects.

How Does Reaprite Make Money?

Reaprite makes money by investing funds into low-risk investment portfolios, as well as its other allied projects.

Most notably, the company has a partnership with its sister company, Agrorite, which has over the years made strides in the Agri-tech industry.

By investing in Agrorite and other agricultural projects, as well as low-risk corporate portfolios, the company hopes to make and share profits with its savers and investors.

How to Invest in Reaprite

There are many ways to make money with Reaprite. All you have to do is download the Reaprite app on Android or iOS, register and verify your account, and start saving.

The minimum you can earn on Reaprite with no obligation whatsoever is 10% per annum via the Reaprite Wallet.

Reaprite Wallet

The Reaprite wallet functions like a normal wallet, which allows you to deposit and withdraw money from the Reaprite Wallet at any time. You earn 10% per annum on all deposits into your Reaprite wallet.


Reapgoal is a convenient way to meet your financial goals via target savings. You could save alone or with friends, family and associates. 

To save with others on Reapgoal, all you have to do is create a “Village” and use the link to invite others to join you in saving.

All funds in your reapgoal accrues a return of 10% per annum.


Reapquick is a short-term savings and investment plan that helps you save for short-term projects.

The minimum savings tenure for Reapquick plan is 3 months, but you can withdraw your funds any time after the first 30 days. 

You can start saving on the Reapquick plan with a minimum of 500 Naira, and earn a return of 12.5% per annum.


The ReapPlus plan helps you invest in mid-term projects for a healthy return of 14% per annum.

The minimum tenure is 6 months at a minimum investment of 100k.


The Reapmax plan helps you invest for the long-term in return of a 16% ROI per annum.

The minimum tenure for this plan is 9 months, which can be extended to a full year.

To invest in the Reapmax plan, you’ll need a minimum capital of 1 million Naira.

How Much ROI Does Reaprite Offer?

As explained above, you’ll be able to earn between 10% to 16% ROI per annum, depending on which Reaprite plan you choose to go with.

You also have to know that some plans are exclusive to the amount of capital you have, and the higher the ROI, the longer you’ll have to save or invest your money.

Is Reaprite Legit or Scam?

From all indications, Reaprite is a legitimate company.

The company is anchored by the guys at Agrorite, which has been active in Nigeria for over 3 years now.

Their reputation speaks for them, and I recommended them in my Agrorite Review article, as a veritable Agri-tech Investment company.

The company has also admitted that they are very careful about the security of investors’ funds, hence, all funds are warehoused by Investment One Financial Services Limited(formerly GTB Asset Management Limited), which stands as a trustee for Reaprite.

So, all well and good.

Can You Lose Money With Reaprite?

From all indications, you cannot lose money with Reaprite.

Since their trustee is a Nigerian financial institution that is licensed and covered by the NDIC, it means that most of the funds are insured.

In a holistic view of this, the Reaprite funds may only represent a minute amount of the Trillions of Naira turnover managed by Investment One Financial Services Limited on a yearly basis.

Should You Invest in Reaprite?

Reaprite represents a good place to start saving and building the habit of putting money away towards investment.

The company seems reputable due to their antecedent activities, as well as their industry partnerships.

However, I will like to note that Reaprite is not the most lucrative Savings opportunity in Nigeria.

There are other savings platforms in Nigeria, such as Branch, that give you more returns on your savings with even lesser obligation.

But saving with Reaprite is a good start and would help you start saving and investing right away.




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