La Buena Vida Review: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

I have previously written a review of the La Buena Vida scheme on this blog, and ever since then, I’ve received a barrage of questions, enquiries, and attacks in equal measure.

Ever since then, the La Buena Vida wave has grown in Nigeria, as their affiliates continue to massively recruit new members and grow their teams.

So, today, I’ll like to give further clarity on what the La Buena Vida scheme is all about and if you should consider joining the scheme.

I’ll do a sort of forensics to show both the advantages and the disadvantages of joining La Buena Vida. The final decision of risking your money, time and resources, would then be up to you.

So, without further Ado, let’s take a dive in.

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    What Really Is La Buena Vida?

    Without mincing words, The La Buena Vida scheme in Nigeria is a clear MLM scheme.

    MLM stands for Multi-level marketing, which is a system of marketing that works only by recruiting new people into the system.

    La Buena Vida affiliates entices people on social media with videos and images of cars, stacked cash, foreign vacations, and big promises.

    This is just the way MLM works. What you see from the outside is not what you’ll get when you get inside.

    The moment you invest your money into the scheme, you are stuck and you’ll need to work very hard to achieve the riches and the expensive lifestyle that was proposed to you.

    That said, let’s take a 360 look at what La Buena Vida actually brings to the table. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

    La Buena Vida: The Good

    To be honest, La Buena Vida and most MLM schemes are not all bad. There are some positives to take advantage of if you want.

    The first positive is Networking. 

    La Buena Vida gives its members a massive opportunity to network among themselves. Once you join La Buena Vida, you’ll get the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life.

    From doctors to engineers, to models and CEOs. You’ll get to meet and network with them.

    If you are someone who would like to grow your contact in your industry, then La Buena Vida gives you a massive opportunity to do that.

    Who knows, maybe your next contract, job or relationship may just come from networking with other members of La Buena Vida.

    Another good side of La Buena Vida is that members get to improve their marketing skill.

    You can’t make money on La Buena Vida without marketing. You’ll need to either market the La Buena Vida range of products or market the membership to grow your downline.

    Either way, you’ll need to do some marketing.

    I’ve seen members of La Buena Vida go from complete noobs in marketing to guru digital marketers. 

    Never underestimate what the power of money can do. Members are now learning digital marketing like never before in a bid to grow their earnings on La Buena Vida.

    The good thing is that any marketing skill learned in the course of the program would be useful in other business endeavors.

    So, in my opinion, that’s not a bad takeaway to get for joining La Buena Vida.

    La Buena Vida: The Bad

    La Buena Vida, just like any other MLM scheme, is designed to enrich the people at the top.

    Most people joining the program right now are just “lab rats” whose monies are used to fund the largesse of the top affiliates.

    In other words, it’s too late to Join La Buena Vida in Nigeria. If you do, you’ll likely lose money, time, and resources, and still not progress up the ladder.

    La Buena Vida would only work for those who already have the system to sell the products or the system to quickly grow their downlines.

    Most often, new members don’t have any of these, which means they would literally be throwing their money away with not profit in sight.

    The La Buena Vida system is designed to entice you, take your money, and leave you to figure out what to do next.

    Unless you join a La Buena Vida affiliate group, there is little or no education or information on how to profit from the system. 

    The only information out there are enticing videos and images of people making money from the scheme. Don’t fall for it.

    If you really want to join La Buena Vida, then you have to do your own research on how to build the required system to help you make money from the scheme.

    You’d either have to market La Buena Vida products or build your own affiliate group/team from scratch. None of this is easy.

    La Buena Vida: The Ugly

    The ugly truth about La Buena Vida is that the majority of their members have lost money or are currently losing money.

    Since the system is designed to reward you the most when you recruit new members, there is little or no incentive to make money any other way.

    Hence, you make money when you add to your downline and don’t make money when you don’t add to your downline.

    This is akin to robbing Peter to pay Paul.

    If a new downline registers with 50,000 Naira, La Buena Vida takes a huge chunk of that money and gives you the meagre part of it. And you don’t get to receive that payment until you reach a payment threshold that can only be achieved by having lots of new recruits under you.

    With this system, you are going to be slaving away while La Buena Vida takes all the money. 

    It is just like you are working for free with the hope of getting rich one day. It may happen and it may not happen. But one thing is guaranteed, you’re being sold the “hope” ticket. 

    Once you invest your money into La Buena Vida, you are stuck. You either work to earn, or don’t work and earn nothing.

    In this case, your money doesn’t work for you. Instead, you are working and slaving for your money even after investing big.

    Why La Buena Vida Is Not For Investors

    The slave lifestyle is not the kind of lifestyle that a savvy investor wants. The plan is not to invest and hustle to earn. 

    The plan is to invest and work less so that your money would work harder for you.

    La Buena Vida is like another job that you pay to get, but with no guarantee of you getting paid. 

    That’s the ugly reality faced by many of La Buena Vida’s desperate members today. Now that the smokescreen is clear, they wish they hadn’t invested in the first place.

    If you know you don’t have the time and resources to work hard in selling products or recruiting new members, then La Buena Vida is not for you. Else, you’d just be throwing your money into the bin.

    Shine your eyes.




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