La Buena Vida: How It Works, The Opportunities & Risks

Are you considering investing in La Buena Vida Nigeria?

Maybe you’ve seen their advert somewhere, or a friend is convincing you to join. But you really want to know if the La Buena Vida project is worth investing in.

Well, that is the essence of this review. In this article, I will be giving my honest review on what La Buena Vida is all about, the business model, the risks involved, and whether the opportunity is good enough to invest your money.

That said, let’s go straight into the review.

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    What Is La Buena Vida All About?

    La Buena Vida is a project created and managed by C21FG, a non-governmental organization (NGO) situated in Abuja, Nigeria. The project is termed ‘The Good Life’ project after the english translation of La Buena Vida which is a spanish word.

    The company claims to be the first national cashflow, lifestyle, & housing platform in Nigeria with global partners in the health, construction, beauty, and lifestyle sectors. They also claim to have over 300k members nationwide and over 10 corporate partners.

    Through the La Buena Vida project, the company has a vision to help its members and partners live the good life by raising 50,000 millionaires in the connected economy.

    Essentially, the company operates like an NGO, which means it does not function with the aim of making money or profit, and is not expected to pay taxes in Nigeria.

    The La Buena Vida project primarily focuses on human and capital resource development with a business model built on network marketing, popularly known as multi-level marketing (MLM). 

    What the project does is attract people who are willing to develop their human and capital resources. To join, you will have to pay a stipulated signup fee and then you can make money by recruiting other people who are willing to develop their human and capital resources.

    The more people you recruit to sign up and pay to join the La Buena Vida project, the more you get to earn on the program.

    La Buena Vida has a range of compensation plans for top affiliates and those who have attained leadership in the program. Their compensations include car gifts, vacation packages and housing compensations.

    What Opportunities Does La Buena Vida Offer?

    Through the La Buena Vida project, the NGO claims that all of its qualifying members and partners will have access to services such as:

    • Cash compounding services to generate funds for business projects
    • Discounted and free lifestyle packages globally
    • Effective Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) Services
    • Own their dream home through La Buena Vida’s E-Block Channels
    • Discounted and free exquisite vacations across choice locations globally

    How To Join La Buena Vida Project

    Interested persons can visit their office at Bahamas plaza in Gudu, Abuja, Nigeria. You could also join through their partners and associates who will be responsible for mentoring and nurturing you throughout the program.

    Before joining you have to make sure you know what you can get from the program, considering your present capabilities. You will be doing a lot of marketing and recruiting new members, without which it would be difficult to earn on La Buena vida.

    Can You Really Make Money With La Buena Vida?

    Of course, you can make money with La Buena Vida. But how much you make and how far you go in the program will depend on how hard you work in bringing new members.

    La Buena Vida employs the MLM system that works only when you have enough people in your downline. It won’t be easy though, as every new member you recruit would have to register with a particular amount as described below.

    La Buena Vida Registration Packages

    You and anyone you invite to La Buena Vida would have to register on the program via any of the requisite packages.The higher the package you purchase, the higher the opportunity and compensation La Buena Vida would give to you.

    Here are the La Buena Vida Packages and their prices:

    • Starter Package  –  ₦44,888
    • Entrepreneur Package – ₦134,664
    • International Package – ₦314,216

    Is La Buena Vida Legit or Scam?

    La Buena Vida could be legit or scam to you, depending on how you view multi-level marketing (MLM). If you have a negative view of MLM, then La Buena Vida is not for you.

    There are suspicions however, when you consider the structure of La Buena Vida.

    An NGO that requires payment for membership and one that operates a multi-level marketing business which is designed to pursue profit is somehow suspicious. 

    Also, when you take a look at the La Buena Vida website, the information about their business and what they do is bogus at best. Their website is positioned as a marketing platform and not an education platform. So, the only information they have on their website are testimonials and bogus claims of making people multi-millionaires.

    They also do not mention anything about members, but instead choose to call their affiliates “partners.” By tagging their members as “partners” of the NGO, La Buena Vida essentially justifies the membership fees paid by new entrants.

    So, Is La Buena Worth Investing In?

    In my opinion, I cannot invest in a business that is not clear enough about their business proposition. Crowding your website with testimonials of people who have become multi-millionaires is not convincing enough for me.

    If I wanted to join La Buena Vida as an NGO that will train me in different skill sets and give me exposure, then it could be worth it. I would essentially be paying the membership fee as a training fee. In this case, La Buena Vida wouldn’t be a money-making investment for me.


    When I visit the website of an investment company or a business, or when I read an investment brochure, the first section I go to is the ‘About Us’ or ‘How it works’ section. If I don’t get a clear explanation of how the business or investment works from any of these sections, I immediately become disillusioned.

    Surprisingly, La Buena Vida’s ‘About’ section is blank. Oops! That should tell you the whole story. How do they want people to understand the business before investing? Oh, probably, they don’t want you to understand it. They only want you to hand over your money with a smile. Good luck with that! 




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