Alliance In Motion (AIM Global) Review: Legit or Scam MLM?

Alliance In Motion (AIM) Global is one of the popular multi-level marketing companies in Nigeria.

They deal specifically in the supplements industry, and have successfully recruited an army of multi-level marketers that live and die by their products.

AIM Global swears by their word, to “turn ordinary people into extraordinary millionaires.”

And they seem to have a host of testimonial evidence across several developing countries of the world to prove it.

Now, the question is, should you take their word for it and make an investment into AIM Global as a multi-level marketer?

Is it possible to get a reasonable ROI by purchasing one of AIM global’s supplement packages, and start building your downline?

Is AIM Global a legitimate MLM company that is worth the time, effort and monetary resources? Or is it just another MLM scam designed to waste people’s time?

In this review article, we’ll take a deep look at AIM global’s offerings and their mode of operation, in order to ascertain if it’s a good fit for investment.

Let’s get right to it.

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    What Is AIM Global All About?

    AIM Global is a multi-level marketing company that claims to “help ordinary people achieve their dreams, have financial freedom and have a balanced life.

    According to the company, they provide the necessary tools and resources to help members make money by distributing products and services to local and global markets.

    Looking through their product catalogs, it is clear that AIM Global focuses on selling and distributing food supplements and essential goods via their incentivized affiliate membership networks.

    So, essentially, AIM Global is a platform for direct selling enthusiasts and affiliates who want to make money by referring products and services to others.

    There has to be some form of financial commitment though, before anyone can get started recommending products and services on the AIM Global platform.

    How Does AIM Global Make Money?

    AIM Global operates a simple network marketing system that rewards affiliates for selling goods and products, as well as recruiting new members.

    So, when a new affiliate intends to join AIM Global, they have to subscribe to one of the available product packages on the platform, which gives them access to products believed to be worth more than what they paid for the subscription.

    They also get login access to the AIM Global network membership system, where they can view all their rewards for sales and referring others to join the network.

    How to Invest With AIM Global

    To join AIM Global, you have to first make a financial investment in one of their product packages.

    AIM Global claims that the products paid for are usually worth more than the financial investment made by their members.

    Usually, AIM Global affiliates expect to make at least a 50% profit after selling products and services from the platform.

    Product packages fall into two main categories:

    • Mega package – 70,000 Naira
    • Global package – 38,000 Naira

    How Much ROI Does AIM Global Offer?

    The interesting fact about AIM Global is that the ROI isn’t guaranteed. You’d have to work for it. The harder you work to sell products and recruit new members, the more you can earn.

    So, this is not a passive income opportunity where you just invest and expect a recurring interest on your money. There has to be some level of product marketing on the side of the affiliate.

    There have been cases where affiliates try to build a passive income system by investing huge amounts of money and recruiting lots of downlines to work for them.

    Still, the ROI isn’t guaranteed, and you’d have to work like you are running a business.

    So, obviously, this opportunity is best for people who like the idea of marketing, and want to build a career in sales.

    With just a little financial investment, you could get started on a career that equips you to recommend the products you love or enjoy using.

    Apart from the sales commissions, AIM Global affiliates also earn a few bonuses to keep them motivated.

    AIM Global Bonuses

    • Direct Referral Bonus – 8%
    • Pairing Bonus – 12% – 14%
    • Stairstep Points – 5% – 6%
    • Binary Points – 600 – 1200

    With Binary Points, affiliates get paid 20,000 Naira or more for each downline they sponsor.

    Is AIM Global Legit or Scam?

    AIM Global operates like just any other network marketing company out there. 

    There is no free money. You’d have to pay and work your way through the system if you want to get anything out of it.

    So, it is best to first think about your financial goals and your schedules before making a commitment to join the network.

    If you’re a very busy person, either an executive or a 9-5er, then maybe joining AIM Global might not be for you.

    If you are someone who hates the idea of sales or marketing, and does not have an available network of people to sell to, then AIM Global might not be ideal for you.

    Finally, if you just want your money to work for you instead of working for money, aka you want passive income, then AIM Global might be a bad choice for you.

    What I Like About AIM Global

    Straightup, I’ll admit that I’m quite impressed by how transparent AIM Global seems to have positioned their business.

    This is very important, especially when you consider that the MLM sector is rife with all forms of shady businesses masquerading as passive income systems and helpers networks, but turning around to scam their members.

    AIM Global seems not to be operating in secrecy or disguise like many other MLM companies, and it is  immediately clear what their proposition is and what you get when you sign up to join the network.

    What I Dislike About AIM Global

    It’s just too complicated.

    I’ll have to admit that network marketing is a very interesting concept of entrepreneurship, but most MLM companies make the system too complicated for anyone to understand what they are getting right off the bat.

    AIM Global follows this same path unfortunately, and that’s a negative for me.

    Can You Lose Money With AIM Global?

    The truth is, many have gotten their fingers burnt by investing their time and resources with MLM companies, and AIM Global isn’t much different.

    With AIM Global, just like most MLM companies, you’d have to work to earn your pay, else you’d get stuck with products that you can’t sell and don’t even need. Thereby losing your financial commitment.

    Sadly, new affiliates may not be properly oriented about this fact by referrers looking to make quick bucks, but unfortunately that doesn’t negate any losses from happening.

    Simply put, if you just throw in money and subscribe to a package without working to deliver sales and referrals, you’ll lose your money!

    Should You Invest In AIM Global?

    The choice of whether to invest with AIM Global or not is a matter of personal choice.

    And yes, it is an investment because you are giving money away with the aim of making more money in return!

    If you’re looking for a quick route to a career in sales, then AIM Global might be it for you, otherwise, if you’re looking to invest money for easy returns, then it’s best to look elsewhere.

    Personally, I’m more inclined to the latter, so AIM Global is definitely NOT for me!




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