Credpal Invest Review: 18% ROI for Free Credit Card?

Credpal is not just innovating in the credit finance space in Nigeria with their credit card and credit purchase products.

They’ve now scored one up against the competition with their new product: Credpal Invest.

With this investors are encouraged to provide liquidity for Credpal to make money with their business model.

And guess what?

Anyone can now make money on Credpal Invest as high as 18% ROI on their investment.

With Credpal Invest you can save for the long and short term, and earn a return on your saving without locking up your funds.

But there’s an icing on the cake.

Credpal is throwing a bonus on the table. If you save on the platform, you’ll enjoy 0% interest on your Credpal credit card and a credit limit of up to 25% of the amount invested.

Isn’t that enticing enough?

Here are Some of the Features of Credpal Invest:

Best ROI in the market

To be honest, Credpal has the best ROI in the market for Fintech products in Nigeria right now.

Even though their ROI structure is designed differently and you may not get up to the ROI advertised.

An 18% ROI is the highest you can get for any of the credit Fintech investment opportunities in Nigeria as at today.

Free Liquidation

I know I said earlier that you can’t lock your funds, but the funds are actually locked in with a chance to liquidate at any time.

According to Credpal, users will enjoy the ease of liquidation of their investment any time without any penalty fee.

Most other Fintech with tenured investment products won’t give room for this penalty fee waiver, as they see it as a money maker.

So, Credpal could be a platform for short term savers looking to keep their capital as liquid as possible.

Proof of Investment 

I know most techies are already comfortable with seeing their proof of investment on the screen of a mobile app.

But Credpal is taking this up a notch to issue an investment certificate that is equivalent to the amount of capital invested.

This could be used as a proof of funds or collateralized asset for obtaining credit.

ROI Surge

Now that the festive season is drawing close, Credpal has taken their ROI offer up a notch by offering up to 24% interest on investment.

If this isn’t enticing enough, then I don’t know what is.

There’s virtually no Fintech investment offering as high as 24% ROI anywhere in Nigeria, so this might just be a case of jumping in while you can.

Free money eh?

So, Should You Invest?

For me, this is a legit opportunity.

I wrote a previous article on Credpal and I detailed how Credpal is a legitimate company that has raised more than $16 million from over 10 institutional investors.

If a company has raised that amount of capital from investors then you should know that they have some level of trustworthiness.

Even though I don’t really like how Credpal structures their ROI, and I’ve mentioned that in my previous Credpal article, I think that the opportunity is as good as it gets.

Plus, they offer you a credit card to spend up to 25% of your investment at 0% interest, while your capital is still shiting you some money.

Everyone should be jumping at this.




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