PillowFund Review: Easy Invest Naira to Dollars?

PillowFund wants to help Nigeria’s millennials save for the future while earning mouthwatering returns in dollars.

The company which enjoys global backing from top institutional investors is changing the game on how Nigerians save and invest their money.

In this review, we take a deep look into what PillowFund is offering and what’s really in it for the users.

This might just be the best way to invest in dollars with Naira in Nigeria. Who knows?

So, What Is PillowFund All About?

No, they don’t sell pillows.

And they don’t fund pillow productions either.

Ok, let’s be serious here.

PillowFund is a platform that wants to help Nigerians save and invest with ease.

While probably resting on their pillows.

Haha. I think that’s the best scenario.

According to the company, they are building “the modern way of saving in dollars” via “secured and transparent investments paid in daily bits”

Through the PillowFund platform, users can buy dollars with Naira, invest with reasonable returns, and make withdrawals any time without transaction fees.

How good is that?

Well, let’s see how the company is doing first.

How Does PillowFund Make Money?

This is a very interesting question because the company has to make money before helping its user make any money.

So, how does PillowFund Make money to pay its users mouthwatering returns?

According to the company, they invest users funds into the best handpicked blue-chip DeFi protocols on Blockchain networks.

Okay, that might be too hard to understand.

But in simple terms, what the company  is saying is that they invest users fund into crypto companies that power crypto exchanges, crypto mining and crypto lending on the Blockchain.

These companies most times require liquidity to function properly and make their services available; and that is where companies like PillowFund come in to provide liquidity in return for some interests.

According to PillowFund, they are actively researching the market and investing in the top safest protocols spread across various Blockchain services.

This way, they are able to profitably generate yields that they then pass on to their users as interest on their fund.

How to Invest in PillowFund

If you’re already greasing your palms and looking to invest with PillowFund, then here’s your chance.

The company provides 3 easy steps to start investing in dollars via PillowFund.

You can even do this while chilling on a pillow.

Simply download their mobile app for the play store or appstore, signup, make your first deposit, and start earning returns.

Easy peasy.

How Much ROI Does PillowFund Offer?

Now to the crux of the matter.

After all is said and done, we want to know how much ROI we can get from all the work our money intends to do.

After all, we want our money to work harder and bring us even bigger returns.

So, how ROI can you expect when you invest with PillowFund?

Wait for it.

You can earn up to 14% ROI.

In dollars.

This is about the highest ROI you can get from any Fintech product helping you to save or invest in dollars.

Last I checked, Binance BUSD flexible savings are offering a 6% ROI while our very own Piggyvest are offering just 7% ROI.

I’m left wondering if PillowFund is just offering a Christmas deal or if this would continue for as long.

Well, you have to grab it while it lasts.

So, Is PillowFund Legit or Scam?


In terms of legality, one of the ways to know if a company is legit or not is via the people behind it or their partners.

What’s their history or antecedent?

Well, PillowFund seems to have some bragging rights as they are backed by some the most reputable global institutional investors.

So far, they have received over $20 million from more than 10 global investors including Accel Capital and Elevation Capital (source: Crunchbase)

With this, you could say that they are a well-funded company, with investors that would require accountability and proper use of funds.

So, in my opinion, PillowFund is as legit as it gets.

Can You Lose Money With PillowFund?

Even though the company is operating in an industry that is quite risky, they are willing to manage the associated risks to bring returns for their users.

With PillowFund, users assume no risk, as the 14% ROI promised is a guaranteed return.

In other words, PillowFund takes your money and makes the investments, so they bear the losses while making sure that investors get paid.

They also have insurance in place with Bitgo, a digital asset security and trust service.

I don’t know the technicalities behind how they make money with their DeFi protocol investments, but for these guys to get the attention of global investors, they really know what they are doing.

So, can you lose money with PillowFund?

In my opinion, it looks unlikely that you will lose money investing with PillowFund.

Not only are they well-funded, they have also tried to safeguard investors funds against any loss with the use of Bitgo.

So, by the look of it, you are good to go.

All you have to do is play it safe while taking their word for it.

Should You Invest in PillowFund?

It’s a no-brainer. I would definitely invest with PillowFund.

This is by far, the best way to invest in dollars in Nigeria right now.

No other platform comes close.

And it is almost risk-free with zero transaction fees and with the chance to withdrawal your funds any time you wish.

Who wouldn’t want that?

I’m definitely investing in this.

But first I’ll have to buy a pillow so I can rest easy while investing with PillowFund.





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