Looking to invest in dollar denominated investment in Nigeria?

The GTCO Dollar Fund is offering savers and beginner investors the chance to invest in dollar securities while earning reasonable returns.

In this review article, we’ll take a look at the GTCO Dollar Fund investment opportunity to determine if it’s worth investing in or not.

So, What Is the GTCO Dollar Fund All About?

The GTCO Dollar Fund is targeted at investors who have a bias for Dollar-denominated securities.

Usually these types of securities are inaccessible to many investors due to the minimum investment threshold.

The GTCO Dollar Fund is creating more access for investors to start investing in these types of investments.

How to Invest in GTCO Dollar Fund

To start investing in GTCO Dollar Fund, you can visit any of their bank branches or go to the asset management section of the  GTCO website.

You’ll be required to fill a mutual funds subscription form, where you can select Dollar Fund as the fund you want to invest in.

The minimum investment threshold to invest in the GTCO Dollar Fund is $500 with a minimum hold period of 180 days.

How Much ROI Does GTCO Dollar Fund Offer?

There is no guaranteed ROI with the GTCO Dollar Fund, however you could get returns ranging between 4% to 6%.

According to GTCO, the historical average return of the Dollar Fund stands at 4.5% per annum.

What I Dislike About GTCO Dollar Fund

I find it hard to dislike anything about the GTCO Dollar Fund, but for the sake of critiquing, I’d say the ROI.

Maybe, it’s just me, but I think that the ROI is just below the belt for me.

Probably that’s a good deal for Low-risk investors who want to hedge against the Naira for as long as possible. 

What I Like About GTCO Dollar Fund 

Well, like its name, the GTCO Dollar Fund is a good way to put some money into a standard currency.

Especially at a time when the Naira is really low in terms of investor perception.

The ROI also doesn’t look bad in comparison with other traditional foreign savings instruments in Nigeria.

Can You Lose Money With GTCO Dollar Fund?

It doesn’t look likely.

According to GTCO, the ROI from this fund is almost guaranteed, as it is designed for low-risk investors who are investing for the short term.

Should You Invest in GTCO Dollar Fund?

The question is why not?

If you are looking to stash money away especially in a foreign currency denominated instrument with low-risk, then you should consider the GTCO Dollar Fund.




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