I-Invest Review: A Balanced Portfolio Marketplace For Investors?

I-Invest is providing one of the most well-rounded portfolio marketplaces for investors to invest.

The investment platform which is owned by Parthian Partners, an investment broker in Nigeria, wants to create access to top tier investment opportunities for all.

Through their I-Invest mobile app, anyone could sign up, create and verify a profile, and start investing.

In this review, we want to take a look at some of the features of this app, to know if it’s the right place to start putting your money.

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    What Is I-Invest All About?

    I-Invest is essentially an investment marketplace for investors to shop for investment opportunities of all kinds.

    Apart from investment opportunities, the platform also offers a savings product and interbank transfers for customers.

    Features of I-Invest

    • Savings: Via the I-Invest mobile app, users can save for stable returns
    • Investing: Investment opportunities abounds on I-Invest such as fixed deposit, commercial papers, treasury bills, and stock equities 
    • Bills Payment: Via the I-Invest mobile app, users can pay bills for utilities such as cable TV and electricity 
    • Airtime & Data: Buying airtime and data is also possible via the I-Invest mobile app

    How to Invest With I-Invest

    This review article specifically takes a look at the investment arm of I-Invest, to ascertain what’s in it for investors.

    To start investing with I-Invest, it is important to note that I-Invest is a marketplace for investment opportunities.

    The owners of the product, Parthian Partners, are investment brokers in Nigeria, so they are not considered vendors but facilitators in this case.

    To start investing with I-Invest, you have to download the I-Invest mobile app, register an account, and verify your profile.

    You’ll need a selfie photo, a government-issued ID card, and proof of address to do your KYC.

    Once you are verified on the app, you can start investing in any of the portfolios presented on the app.

    How Much ROI Does I-Invest Offer?

    The ROI you get from I-Invest would depend on what portfolio you are putting your money into.

    Luckily, many of the portfolios on the I-Invest platform offer a fixed return, so you could know what ROI to expect.

    Here are the Portfolios and their projected ROIs:

    • Savings Plan: The savings plan on I-Invest offers a fixed 10% ROI. Users can save daily, weekly, or monthly with no specific minimum tenure 
    • Treasury Bills: I-Invest offers an average return of 5.08% per annum for its treasury bills product 
    • Naira Fixed Deposit Notes: I-Invest offers a range of Naira fixed deposit notes with varying ROIs. Advertised returns for products in this portfolio ranges from 8% to 14.5% per annum
    • USD Fixed Deposit: I-Invest offers a fixed return of 5.25% per annum for its USD Fixed deposit
    • Commercial Papers: Commercial papers on I-Invest vary depending on the product but could give an average return of 10% per annum
    • Eurobonds: I-Invest offers an average return of 7.63% per annum for its Eurobonds
    • Stock Equities: Users can buy stocks and ETFs on I-Invest with returns varying according to each stock. Returns are not guaranteed with this portfolio

    Is I-Invest Legit or Scam?

    The owners of I-Invest, Parthian Partners, seem to be a legitimate company as far as I can tell.

    They are licensed and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and also in compliance with the FMDQ Exchange Group.

    In 2020, they won the BusinessDay BAFI Award for the Online Securities Platform of the year.

    The company has been at the forefront of the financial markets in Nigeria in terms of facilitating securities transactions in the secondary market

    This at least proves that the company undergoes some level of regulatory compliance, and is a well-known active player in the Nigerian financial sector.

    What I Like About I-Invest

    Apart from the distributed and balanced portfolio made available on the I-Invest platform, I like the fact that the platform simplifies investing for users.

    Not only is their investment offerings clear enough in terms of what investors could get, they also provide important updates and news from the financial sector.

    This means that investors are well-informed before investing their hard-earned money.

    What I Dislike About I-Invest

    In my opinion, the I-Invest app looks good to go.

    There is almost nothing to dislike about I-Invest, as far as I can tell.

    Can You Lose Money With I-Invest?

    In as much as I’d like to say no, there’s a chance that you could lose money, although not by the fault of I-Invest.

    With stock equities made available to investors on the I-Invest platform, you could lose money if you buy a stock that fails to perform.

    But that risk would be on the investor making a choice of which stock to pick.

    Should You Invest With I-Invest?

    I would ask what are you waiting for?

    I-Invest seems like one of the most balanced platforms to invest, no matter what kind of investor you think you are.

    There are investment opportunities for almost everyone.

    You only have to do your own research to know if the platform is a good fit for achieving your financial goals.




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