ZIMvest Review: Diversified Portfolio For Low-risk Investors?

The ZIMvest app by Zedcrest Investment Managers is providing access to fixed income securities, fund management and diversification for investors.

ZIMvest wants to be the best money market fund app for low-risk millennial investors and it seems that it is becoming exactly that.

They are providing investors with a variety of investment instruments for investors to invest according to their risk capacity.

In this review, we’ll take a look at what ZIMvest is offering their investors and if they can truly be the platform for low-risk millennials to invest in a diversified portfolio and grow their money.

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    A Targeted Money Market Platform

    ZIMvest is definitely not everything you want in a Fintech app, but they do just one thing perfectly.

    They help you out your money to work.

    When you sign up to the ZIMvest app, the first thing you’d notice is that the platform is streamlined for savings and investing.

    Nothing more, nothing less.

    It’s just like having a hedge fund at the tip of your finger.

    All you need is a verified profile, and then you go straight to the business of getting your money to earn some ROIs.

    How Does ZIMvest Make Money?

    Remember that ZIMvest is owned by Zedcrest Investment Managers, which is one of the top hedge funds in Nigeria.

    Like a typical hedge funds, they make money from transaction charges and also getting a share of investment profits when they invest their funds pools.

    How to Invest With ZIMvest

    This is one of the simplest investment apps I’ve come across due to how easy and straightforward the platform is designed.

    To start investing with ZIMvest, you have to download their mobile app from the playstore, verify your profile, make a deposit, and start investing.

    You can either save or invest on ZIMvest, depending on your risk appetite and your investment goals.


    On ZIMvest, you can save on the go and get reasonable returns for keeping your money on the platform.

    Here are the available saving options:

    • ZIMvest Wealth Box: With this option, you can stash away money at irregular intervals 
    • ZIMvest Aspire: With Aspire, you can save with a structure on ZIMvest and do target savings to reach your financial goals


    On ZIMvest, you can invest in Naira and dollar portfolios in a diversified way, while earning reasonable returns.

    Here are the available investment options:

    • ZIMvest High-yield: With this option, users can invest in Naira or dollar fixed deposits that pay high ROIs
    • Fixed Income Instrument: This is a more structured investment that pays a fixed return. Options to invest in include treasury bills, Eurobonds, FGN bonds, and commercial papers

    Minimum Investment 

    The minimum investment amount on ZIMvest varies and depends on the type of portfolio an investor chooses.

    Here are the available options:

    • Money market: N5,000 Initial Opening Balance, while topping up with any amount 
    • Dollar fund: $1,000
    • ZIMvest High yield (NGN): N1,000,000
    • ZIMvest High yield (USD): $10,000

    How Much ROI Does ZIMvest Offer?

    ZIMvest offers a variety of returns depending on the portfolio you are investing in.

    The average ROI you can expect with saving and investing with ZIMvest is 10%.

    ZIMvest guarantees that investors using their app to save and invest should expect returns higher than what most banks are willing to offer.

    Is ZIMvest Legit or Scam?

    ZIMvest looks like a legit platform in my opinion, as they are owned by Zedcrest Investment Managers (ZIM), one of the top hedge funds in Nigeria.

    I recently included them in my list of the top hedge funds in Nigeria due to their reputation and customer reviews.

    They are also registered with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), which is one of the requirements for the legitimacy of any investment company in Nigeria.

    You can do your own due diligence to know more about them and make your own investment decisions.

    What I Like About ZIMvest

    The biggest positive about ZIMvest is that all their investment products carry almost zero risk.

    Even their high-yield products are not that risky, as they are mostly bonds and commercial papers.

    So, ZIMvest seems like the platform for investors who want to put their money to work and be rest assured that their capital will remain safe.

    What I Dislike About ZIMvest

    In my opinion, there is almost nothing to dislike about ZIMvest.

    It just feels like a truly investment focused platform with no distractions or fluff.

    Can You Lose Money With ZIMvest?

    In my opinion, I don’t see a way that investors can lose money with ZIMvest.

    The talk about risk appetite on ZIMvest might just be a scale to measure how long investors can stay invested.

    But in terms of actual risk of losing your money, I don’t think so.

    Should You Invest With ZIMvest?

    Yes, please.

    I would definitely be interested in investing with ZIMvest.

    Their proposition is clear and users can see what offers they can invest in right from the start.

    If you just want to focus on investing and putting your money to work, then this might be the app for you.




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