Growpital Review: Safe Agri Investment or Scam Harvest?

Growpital is promising to help investors grow their capital by investing in professionally managed farm projects with great turnaround time.

With Growpital, investors only have to invest in one of the available agri-investment plans to start receiving recurring earnings on a monthly or quarterly basis.

So, is Growpital worth putting your money on or is just a scam Harvest scheme? Let’s take a look in this review article.

What is Growpital All About?

Growpital is a farmtech platform that is promising to put investors money to good use by investing in managed farms that are safe and insured.

According to the company, they have farm projects covering over 9,500 acres of land, and available sales contracts with merchants. 

Also, all investments are tax free, with zero exit fee. Investors can expect to get an ROI of about 10% to 15% in monthly or quarterly payouts.

What Makes Growpital Stand Out?

Growpital seems to have covered many of the loopholes that has made farmtech investing undesirable in recent times.

By utilizing professional farming methods, crop insurance, and ensuring that investors are paid in the short terms with almost zero fees, their operation feels like a game changer.

How do You Make Money With Growpital?

Investors can make money on Growpital by simply choosing an investment plan with the number of units to invest in.

Thereafter, they can expect to start receiving monthly or quarterly payouts from the invested units of their farm projects.

How To Invest With Growpital

To start investing with Growpital, simply follow these steps:

  • Create an account on the platform
  • Complete the compulsory KYC process
  • Choose investment plan and number of units
  • Fund your Growpital wallet
  • Start earning monthly or quarterly

How Much ROI Does Growpital Offer?

The ROI you get when you invest with Growpital would depend on the investment plan, as the investment tenure and ROI differs.

Here are the available investment plans on Growpital:

Baby Farming

Investment tenure runs for 36 months with a 10% ROI, payable quarterly.

Plenty Returns

Investment tenure runs for 36 months with a 12% ROI, payable quarterly.

Soil Savings

Investment tenure runs for 36 months with a 14% ROI, payable quarterly.

Leafy Eleven

Investment tenure runs for 12 months with a 10% ROI, payable monthly.

Rooty Profits

Investment tenure runs for 36 months with a 15% ROI, payable quarterly.

Is Growpital Legit or Scam?

In my opinion, even though this might look good on paper, there are some elements of risk to it.

I wouldn’t call it a scam though, as their operations seem to be on the reasonable side.

Yes, Growpital might claim to have crop insurance and sales contracts with merchants, which ensures that everything goes well, from investing and planting to harvesting and paying out to investors.

But investors would have to confirm the level of insurance coverage, and what they can get if anything goes wrong.

What I like About Growpital

The flexibility of investing is the best feature I like about Growpital. They don’t just offer one-way investing like many other farmtech platforms.

Also, I like the cash flow that comes from the monthly or quarterly returns. This makes any investment in Growpital liquid, since investors expect to get paid in three months or less.

What I Dislike About Growpital

There is nothing much to dislike about this platform, but if I want to be critical, I’d say the average investment tenure of 36 months on Growpital is just too long.

It is understandable though, as farm produce could have varying harvest cycles, with some crops taking longer to harvest.

Can You Lose Money With Growpital?

On paper, it looks unlikely.

But investors must have to do their own due diligence, especially on the insurance coverage claims of Growpital.

With these kinds of agro investments, we’ve seen things go wrong in the past and investors ended up losing money.

So, the onus is on investors to ensure they have as much coverage for their investment.

Should You Invest In Growpital?

If 15% ROI isn’t too small for you, then this is a no brainier.

Plus the fact that you’d be playing your part by investing to fight against global food scarcity.




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