Hervest Review: 15% ROI For Women-Focused Investments?

Hervest is taking a unique approach to creating access to savings and investment opportunities for Nigerians.

Not only are they opening up opportunities for young Nigerians to put their money to work, they are also helping women-owned businesses to access capital through their platform.

In my opinion, this could turn out to be a fantastic platform for women supporting women.

But still, there’s a chance for everyone to make money by saving and investing with Hervest.

In this review, we’ll take a look at what Hervest is offering to ascertain if it’s a right match for you.

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    Hervest – Investments For Women?

    From the name, Her-vest, you would think this app is focused on women investors only, but it’s actually far from that.

    Anyone could access the platform and make savings and investments, but from the opportunities available on the platform, it is clear what Hervest is trying to do.

    The company is positioned as a bridge between investors and women-owned businesses looking to access capital.

    Investing With Hervest

    Hervest offers its users different avenues to put their money to work, with opportunities mostly short-term to medium-term.

    Investors could also invest in a mission-driven way by using their funds to support women-based enterprises while earning returns.

    Hervest Savings

    With Hervest savings, users can lock in funds for saving towards any financial goal, and earn 15% ROI.

    Savings can be initiated with a minimum tenure of 3 months and running up to 12 months, with returns paid daily.

    Hervest Investments

    With Hervest investments, users can invest in naira into women-owned agro and trade businesses, or in dollar investments.

    Although this part of Hervest offerings is yet to be fleshed out, I think they would likely be partnering with other fintechs who already have some traction in this space.

    • Hervest Agro-investments: Users can invest in agro-allied businesses in Nigeria run by women entrepreneurs
    • Hervest Women-in-trade: Users can invest in women-owned trade businesses in Nigeria by offering an alternative line of credit with reasonable interest
    • Hervest Dollar Investments: Users can invest in dollars to keep their funds diversified while earning interest

    How to Invest with Hervest

    To start investing with Hervest, users can download their mobile app from the playstore, register an account and start putting their money to work.

    Currently, on the Hervest platform, only the savings feature is available while the investment feature is yet to be available.

    Is Hervest Legit or Scam?

    A quick look at the product shows that it is backed by a strong mission to support women enterprises, but let that no fool you.

    Hervest is still a relatively new product, and it seems that they are in the beta or testing phase, so take their propositions with a pinch of salt.

    If you will be investing with Hervest, then do so with a charity mindset, where you are not just investing for returns but supporting the company to fulfill its mission and get the much needed traction.

    What I like About Hervest

    The biggest deal about Hervest is that it is positioned to support women enterprises. Otherwise, it would be just another fintech app.

    Even though I believe more thought needs to be put in to make their investment offerings work, their mission is actually a great one and should be supported by all.

    What I Dislike About Hervest

    It is still a relatively new product, so their offerings are limited.

    Most of the investment offerings on Hervest are just placeholders for ideas they plan to implement in the future.

    It also looks like the platform is just curating offers from other fintechs, and making a commission off it.

    So, even though Hervest claims to support women enterprises, there is currently no evidence that they are doing so, in terms of the offerings on their platform.

    Can You Lose Money With Hervest?

    This is still a new product that is likely in beta phase, so anything could happen.

    I believe when putting money in a new product with minimal traction, it’s best to do so with money you can afford to lose.

    Should You Invest with Hervest?

    I would really like to invest with Hervest so as to support women-owned businesses while making returns.

    But currently, there is no offering on the platform for opportunities to support women enterprises in Nigeria.

    The only available offering on Hervest as at the time of writing this post, is their fixed savings which gives a 15% return.

    I could get a better deal elsewhere.

    So, I’ll just wait and see if Hervest would eventually live up to their name by offering investors actual opportunities to invest in women-owned businesses in NIgeria.

    Until then, I’ll be waiting.




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