6 Reasons why Piggyvest is the Perfect App for Savings in Nigeria

Piggyvest isn’t the first app for savings and investment in Nigeria, but it is arguably the best. 

I stumbled on Piggyvest after reading a viral thread on Twitter, and have since enjoyed their services. 

Apparently, the Piggyvest idea was inspired by Twitter and borne out of the need to have a digital piggybank of some sort, and the idea just fits perfectly.

So, why do I think that Piggyvest is the perfect app for savings and investment in Nigeria?

Below are my candid reasons.


The first thing that catches my eye with the Piggyvest app is the many financial options that are available to me.

Truth be told, you can’t ask for a more perfect app for savings and investment in Nigeria.

The Piggyvest app has options for short-term savers, long-term savers, investors looking for good ROI, and for those just looking to test the financial waters. 

I bet that no matter who you are, you would find your own space on the Piggyvest app. 

There is just something for everyone, and that’s one of the things that makes the app stand out.


There is this sense of clarity that you get when using Piggyvest. 

Not only is the UI/UX Design well laid out, there is transparency in the offerings available on the platform.

You quickly know what you get with every savings or investment plan. If a plan says 6% ROI, then that’s what you’d get.

Seriously, I’ve been a casualty of the fine print with banks and other financial institutions, and this makes me sceptical when I see all the terms of a financial deal laid out in the bare.

However, Piggyvest is different vibe. What you see is what you actually get.

This financial clarity puts your mind at rest and helps you focus on growing your money on the platform.

Financial Tools

Do you love financial planning? I sure do.

On my phone, I have several apps I use to document my expenses, savings, and make financial projections.

This is because most banking platforms in Nigeria don’t provide these tools.

However, Piggyvest goes over the board to provide useful tools that help savers and investors on their platform plan their finances and navigate the inflation waters.

Want to create clarity in your financial goals? Piggyvest got the tools.

Want to create a budget and automate your savings? Piggyvest got you.

Want to create separate portfolios for your investment plans? Piggyvest got you.

I really do not underestimate these financial tools because they help me do so much.

These tools can help you project, clarify, and understand your finances without getting a headache.

That is one of the reasons why Piggyvest is a must for any serious saver cum investor in Nigeria.

User Responsiveness

Have you ever been in a situation where you cried because your bank cannot be reached or are not responding to a particular issue.

I sure have.

It just seems like these banks are setup to frustrate you.

But since using Piggyvest, resolving any issue has been a breeze.

I could just whip up a quick email or tag them on Twitter, and viola! the issue would be resolved.

There are times when an issue gets resolved and someone would actually reach out again to make sure that I am satisfied. 

This is absolutely levels above what I’ve been getting with them banks.

But that is not actually all.

Piggyvest actually responds to customer suggestions on their products. In fact, their products are set up to collect feedback from users to evolve their offerings.

With Piggyvest, one thing is sure. If a lot of users are frustrated with any feature, rest assured that it would be improved.

That’s an epitome of a company that actually cares about its customers and are focused on delivering on their promise.


From the outside, you would think that Piggyvest is just another fintech app that just collects your money and gives you a return.

But it is actually more than that.

With Piggyvest, you could create or join a savings group and motivate yourself to reach your financial goals.

These kinds of savings communities are actually interesting and there are a lot of them focused on different financial goals.

I’ve seen savings groups for first time car owners, for vacation enthusiasts, for relocating abroad, for aso-ebi, for picnics, and so on.

These communities create a sense of shared purpose and drives you to follow-up on your savings and investment plans.

If you really want to feel motivated and excited while saving and investing for anything, then joining any of these Piggyvest communities is your sure bet for ensuring that you complete that particular financial goal.


Finally, the biggest takeaway from this is that Piggyvest actually works.

The platform does everything it says it would do, and even more.

A group of young techies have gone ahead and democratize savings and investment for millennials and they are actually doing an awesome job.

While Piggyvest helps you do a lot of things financially, the platform is really easy to use.  

They provide the simplest tools and features for fulfilling the most complex financial needs. 

With Piggyvest, everything just clicks the way you expect them to, and your money while remaining safe continues to grow.




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