Crowdyvest Review: How Fast Can You Grow Your Money?

Update: December 2022 – Crowdyvest is having issues paying its investors. So, beware!!

Crowdyvest has been operating in Nigeria for a while now.

Although it came quite late to the market, it is one of the popular savings and investment platforms used by Nigerians.

So, why do so many Nigerian savers love this platform so much? What do they offer? And is there any risk involved with using the Crowdyvest platform?

This article sought to answer all such questions and find out if you can actually grow your money using Crowdyvest.

With that said, here’s my honest review of Crowdyvest.

Read on.

What Is Crowdyvest All About?

Crowdyvest is a savings and investment platform operating in Nigeria via their website and app.

The company behind Crowdyvest operates as a Cooperative Society, with registered name; Crowdyvest Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited. 

The company is based in Lagos Island, in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Crowdyvest promises to help its members grow their money via a variety of financial tools and savings features.

Crowdyvest claims that on average, its members could make between 12.5% to 15% ROI per annum.

How Does Crowdyvest Make Money?

Crowdyvest makes money by pooling and reinvesting members’ funds into fixed income portfolios and privately-vetted opportunities.

The company creates derivatives from the funds it realizes from it’s several savings & investment plans, and then in turn, share the profit with its members.

Some examples of ways Crowdyvest makes money is by offering Naira to dollar exchange services to its members above market rates. 

It also charges a default fee to members who want to redeem their funds from any of their active long-term savings plans before maturity.

How to Save & Invest With Crowdyvest

If you want to save or invest with Crowdyvest, simply sign up on their website or app, deposit funds via the available channels, and subscribe to a savings or investment plan.

Here are some of the available savings and investment features on Crowdyvest:

Naira Flex

Naira Flex allows you to save in Naira and earn 12.5% ROI per annum. It is pretty straightforward and a great avenue for earning fixed income.

Dollar Flex

Dollar Flex allows you to save in Naira and earn in dollars. You simply convert your Naira to dollar, using Crowdyvest designated exchange rates, and then you start earning 12.5% returns per annum on your dollar savings.

Vault Plan

Crowdyvest Vault Plan is designed for those who want to earn their interest upfront. All you have to do is lock your funds for a minimum of 3 months, and get paid your interest upfront.

With the vault Plan, members could earn as high as 15% ROI per annum.


Crowdyvest Hyperfund is designed for members who want more returns for their money.

The Hyperfund consists of investment opportunities that are privately-vetted by Crowdyvest, and could earn investors anywhere from 25% ROI per annum or more.

How Much ROI Does Crowdyvest Offer?

Depending on your choice of savings or investment plan on Crowdyvest, you could earn from 12.5% to around 25% per annum.

The higher you want to earn on Crowdyvest, the longer you’d be required to fix or lock your money, which translates to higher risk.

Is Crowdyvest Legit or Scam?

Crowdyvest operates like a reputable company, as they are registered with the necessary financial bodies to operate a financial institution like theirs.

And even though mere registrations of business entities cannot serve as a guarantee for legitimacy, Crowdyvest has been around long enough to be given the benefit of doubt.

Can You Lose Money With Crowdyvest?

There may be a chance that you could lose your money with Crowdyvest, considering the nature of some of their investment offerings.

For example, Crowdyvest Hyperfund is a pool of privately-vetted investment opportunities by Crowdyvest, however, they do not give any guarantee in case of third-party default.

If there is a guarantee of fixed income returns on the Crowdyvest Hyperfund, then investors’ minds would be at rest, but I’m yet to be privy of such guarantee.

Should You Invest in Crowdyvest?

So far, I’ll score Crowdyvest 55% for bringing such an innovative product to the market, but I’m quite wary of their many charges and cost of transactions.

Also, allowing investors to invest in the Flex Dollar Savings plan via Naira only, and then setting the exchange rate way above the going market rate, seems exploitative to me.

Why not make an avenue for investors to invest with dollars directly into the Flex Dollar Savings plan and continue to earn? 

Well, I guess FCY exchange is one of the avenues for Crowdyvest to generate some revenue from it’s business.


So far, so good. Crowdyvest is not a bad place to start for anyone looking to grow their money and earn fixed income on their deposit.

At least, it is better than leaving your money in your bank account to accumulate dust, depreciation, and loss.




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