5 Types of Investments That Will Make You Rich in 2023

2023 is definitely the year to invest to get rich.

You don’t want to just invest for the sake of it, but with a goal to climb up the financial ladder as high as possible.

In this post, we’ll look at 5 types of investments that could get you stinking rich.

But before we dive in, remember that investing is not a one-time endeavor.

You have to keep throwing money at it and keep the balance sheet growing.

To get rich by investing, you have to identify an investment pathway that works for you, and keep at it.

In other words, investing is not a sprint but a marathon. It requires a meticulous approach and a long-term outlook.

That said, let’s take a look at some money-spinning investments you could engage in 2023.

Cash-flow Investment

You could invest for cash-flow.

In my book, nothing beats cash flow. If the cash keeps flowing in, you’d never have money problems.

A cash flow investment is one that gives some form of earning on a regular short-term basis.

Most cash flow investments pay out on a weekly or monthly basis, which would be nice if you want to turn it into a passive income source.

For example, if you invest 5million Naira into a cash-flow investment with a 10% ROI, you would earn a passive income of about 42k Naira per month.

This is while your capital still remains intact.

Who wouldn’t want that?

Leveraged Investment

While a cash-flow investment keeps you liquid, a leveraged investment could take you to the next level of your finances.

A leveraged investment is one that helps you to do more with less money.

It is a secret financial instrument used by the rich to get richer.

The most important feature of a leveraged investment is trust. It is like a signatory of trust that allows the investor to use allied financial vehicles to make money.

Types of leveraged investments include government-backed paper investments and overdraft accounts.

If you acquire enough government-backed investments such as treasury bonds, notes, or bills, most financial institutions in Nigeria would beg you to take their money.

That way, you could have more money to put into more investment vehicles and make even more money.

This is definitely an unfair advantage.

No wonder most billionaires in Nigeria own government-backed investments from several economically stable countries of the world.

When they need to make other investments in those countries, they don’t need to look for money.

They simply leverage the power and trust backing their investments.

FCY Investment

If you live in Nigeria and hold the naira, then you already know how much the value of the naira has fallen in the last one year.

More than 40%.

So, if you invested 1million naira in a fixed deposit by January this year, the value of your capital would be worth not more than 600k naira by December this year.

That’s a huge depreciation!

But the most astounding fact about this is that if you had invested that same money in a foreign currency investment, your capital would have appreciated by almost 50% plus whatever dividends you are getting.

The default foreign currency you could invest with in Nigeria is the U.S dollar, and there are many investment opportunities you could subscribe to.

With the way the naira is sinking and the confusion at the CBN bureau, it would be wise to keep at least 50% of your capital in foreign currency investments while making sure that your naira investments are cashflow heavy.

Value Investment 

Value investments are the staple of long-term investors.

These types of investments are not liquid and are usually used for long-term financial goals.

In fact, most value investors use value investments to keep their capital intact and safe from inflation, with the possibility of growing its value.

A value investment is represented by assets that appreciate in value but rarely depreciate.


Precious metals.


Innovative software.

These assets appreciate in value and could exponentially increase the value of an investor’s capital against fiat currency.

The goal of the investment is to capitalize on the perceived value or futuristic predicted growth in value of the asset.

High-yield Index Funds

Index funds are one of the safest and guaranteed way to invest money.

Not only are they backed by historical performance data, they are mostly rated by financial houses to boost investors confidence.

Even though the majority of index funds are low risk, there are a category of funds that promise higher returns with some considerable level of risk.

If you want to get a higher yield on your investment, then you should be ready to deal with some level of risk.

While high-yield Index Funds could help you get rich and achieve your financial goals, you have to carefully curate the funds you choose to invest in.

In many cases, a high-yield Index fund would usually come in the form of mutual fund or a hybrid index that contains equity investments that promises high returns.

So, you have to make all your clarifications before investing.




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