MTN Nigeria To Offer Airdrop For Shareholders in 2023

MTN Nigeria (MTNN) will offer an exclusive airdrop to its shareholders in 2023.

The telecoms giant plans to offer a share of its stock to all of its smallest shareholders in Nigeria.

If you have bought an MTNN share in the past year, then you might just be qualified to receive a few extra shares from MTNN.

All you have to do is hold a minimum share of MTNN until the end of January 2023, and you’ll be eligible to receive extra shares.

Here’s how to qualify:

Hold A Minimum MTNN Share 

If you have bought a minimum of 20 shares of MTNN up to a maximum of 250 shares, then you might qualify.

To be eligible, you should have bought an MTNN share via the appropriate channels, e.g via recognized brokers in Nigeria or via the NGX PrimaryOffer App.

Hold a Minimum MTNN Share in January 

To qualify for this airdrop, you should hold the minimum share of MTNN throughout January.

If you hold all or some of the minimum MTNN share up to January 31st 2023, then you might qualify for the airdrop.

How to Claim Your MTNN Airdrop

To claim your MTNN Airdrop, you should check with your stock broker to confirm your eligibility.

If you have a CSCS account with your stock broker, then from February, you might start receiving credits of MTNN shares.

MTNN Airdrop Distribution 

So, how will the MTNN Airdrop be distributed?

The airdrop will be distributed on a per 20-share basis.

This means that 1 share will be offered for every 20 shares owned by an investor.

So, you’d get 1 MTNN share for having 20 MTNN shares; totaling 21 shares of MTNN.

You’d get 10 MTNN shares for having 200 MTNN shares; totaling 210 shares of MTNN.


This is cool if you ask me.

MTNN seems to be doing things quite differently from their counterparts when it comes to encouraging participation in the Nigerian stock market.

They are also one of the top performing stocks in Nigeria over the past few years.

If you’re strong believer in MTN Nigeria going forward, then this might just be the chance to earn more shares and consolidate your position.

Stay invested.




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