10 Hottest Nigerian Company Stocks to Buy & their Share Prices

Looking to start investing in the Nigerian Stock market, then you need to buy the shares of some of the hottest Nigerian stocks right now.

The Nigerian Stock market is stable at the moment, with lots of trade activities going on in several sectors of the economy.

In this article, we’ll look at our hottest Nigerian company stock pick based on their recent performances, and their current share prices.

The criteria for our picks is focused on price performance, trade activities, and industry prospects.

You can use this article to kickstart your own stock picking from the Nigerian Stock Exchange, and see if you can find a good company stock to buy some shares.

Let’s find out our hottest stock picks below in no particular order.

United Capital PLC (UCAP)

Industry: Financial Services

Buying shares of UCAP would seem like a sure bet for any investor. 

After all, the company is an experienced player in financial services, investment, and asset management, which brings a lot of confidence for new investors.

UCAP share price has been on an upward trend in the last 30 days; starting the month at a share price of 7.18 Naira and closing at 8.4 Naira today.

With daily trading volume of UCAP averaging about 11million, you know that something might just be going on there, and it could be positive.

MTN Nigeria Communications PLC (MTNN)

Industry: ICT/Telecommunications Services

We all know and use MTN services at home and at our offices, but what about holding some shares of the company that have become essential to our daily activities?

MTNN share price has been quite stable with a few price jumps here and there. Starting the month at a share price of 172.50 Naira, it closed the day at 175 Naira, similar to the last few days.

At a price of 175 Naira per share, you may think that it is too late to buy shares of MTNN, but considering their market penetration and several upcoming Industry partnerships, the share price could continue to rise.

Guarantee Trust Holding Company PLC. (GTCO) 

Industry: Financial Services/Banking

The big change has finally come as GTBank is restructuring its brand to GTCO.

Little wonder why GTCO share price has been adjusting. Starting the month at a share price of 27.45 Naira, the share price continues to hover, and closed at 27.4 Naira today.

But we know that bigger things are on the way, as GTCO looks to bring all its companies under one wing.

GTCO share price is definitely going to witness a jump soon, and only holders are set to benefit.

United Bank for Africa PLC. (UBA)

Industry: Financial Services/Banking

Another financial institution worth putting your money, with its share price uptrending for the past 30 days.

So far, the share price of UBA has been stable, starting the month at a share price of 7.6 Naira, recovering from a dip to 7.5 Naira, and closing the day at 7.65 Naira.

A significant price retrace and big things on the offing, so worth the money.

Flour Mills Nig. PLC. (FLOURMILL)

Industry: Consumer goods/food products

FLOURMILL has been on a steady rise for more than a month now, starting at a share price of 28.85 Naira at the beginning of September and rising to 29.35 at today’s close.

As an FMCG products company, I’m quite optimistic about the performance of FLOURMILL.

If you bought 100k shares at the beginning of this month, you could have been up in profit by 50k Naira today.


Industry: Oil & Gas

I’m not quite big on buying shares of Oil & Gas companies due to their dinosaurian way of operations.

But at a current share price of 4.82, OANDO is definitely worth putting your money on.

With a daily trade activity of just shy of 5 million, you should know that something is definitely going on at OANDO.

Starting the month at a share price of 4.41 Naira, it survived a price dip at 4.07 Naira to close at an impressive 4.82 Naira today.


Industry: Industrial Goods

LAFARGE is showing promising signs of price gains in the future.

Looking at its price trend, there’s definitely a chance that a price surge would begin soon.

Having started the month at a share price of 22 Naira, LAFARGE share price has recovered from a dip at 21.50 Naira and has been uptrending since the past few days, closing today at 22.4 Naira per share.

Investors would obviously be waiting for the imminent price gains.

Nigerian Aviation Handling Company PLC. (NAHCO)

Industry: Transport Services

With NAHCO shares being traded at a daily volume of almost 4 million, it gets you curious about what is going on at NAHCO.

Safe to say that after taking a look, NAHCO share price is trending upwards and looking to continue its bull run.

Having started the month at a share price of 2.82 Naira, it closed today at a share price of 3.52 Naira.

A healthy 0.7 Naira gain if you had invested at the beginning of the month.

Well, not too late, as the uptrend looks like a healthy bullish one.

Vitafoam Nig. PLC.

Industry: Consumer goods/Household durables

Vitafoam share price is rallying!

I can hear the rallying cry as investors scramble to put their money where the toast is.

Vitafoam shares started the month at 16.5 Naira before tipping at 17.85 Naira, and then closing today at a healthy 17.5 Naira.

The way the price trend looks, there must be some good tidings going on at Vitafoam, and I daresay, that the share price would continue to gain, at least for the next few months.

Julius Berger Nig. PLC (JBERGER)

Industry: Construction/Real Estate

JBERGER has been doing well since this year. 

With Government infrastructure budget increasing for this year, the construction industry is swelling with funds, and JBERGER is bound to benefit.

Starting the month with an uptrend from a share price of 25.25 Naira, it’s price has somewhat stabilized at 27 Naira since the past few days.

It is expected that a late price surge might occur for JBERGER before the end of this month.




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