Learnify Review: Legit Earnings or Gamble in Disguise?

Learnify.ng wants to help young nerds make money by answering quizzes and trivia questions online.

With just a few Naira, you could play for the gamified quizzes and earn some money while you learn.

But the question is, should you really put your money where your “head” is? Does Learnify actually do what it says? Is this platform a legit “learn and earn” platform or a scam gamble in disguise?

This review article will try to give answers to these pressing questions.

So, What is Learnify All About?

Learnify.ng is a platform that offers users the chance to play games, answer quizzes, and earn money.

Users can also act as affiliates and vendors, making money as they encourage others to sign up on the platform and play more games.

The platform also offers users the chance to purchase airtime and data, which keeps users online to play even more games on the website.

What Makes Learnify Stand Out?

It’s actually a cool way for learners to earn money online doing what they love.

I can see reasons why someone would pay to join such a website, and the benefits of spending time there to acquire general knowledge.

Rather than spend money watching trivial videos on TikTok, wouldn’t you want to spend that time and money learning and  earning at the same time?

How Do You Make Money With Learnify?

With Learnify, you can make money in two ways:

Learn & Earn

You could make money by answering questions and quizzes, which is actually fun, as you get to learn and update your general knowledge.

Learnify Affiliate

You could make money on Learnify as an affiliate by inviting new members to the Learnify platform and selling coupon codes to them.

How To Start Earning on Learnify?

To start earning on Learnify, simply purchase a coupon code, sign up on the website with your details, and start answering quizzes.

The more you play the learning game, the more your chances of earning.

How Much ROI Does Learnify Offer?

The ROI you get from Learnify is basically a matter of chance.

You’ll have to provide more correct answers to questions if you want to increase your chances of making more returns on the platform.

Is Learnify Legit or Scam?

It looks legit so far, but with these kinds of websites, you never can tell.

Learnify seems to operate in a grey area that could be seen as either a learning platform or a gambling website, depending from which lens you look at it.

So, it is better to only invest and play with money you can afford to lose.

What I like About Learnify

It is ridiculously simple and fun.

Minus the fact that you could earn some money, it could pass as a cool trivia website.

So, why not just have some fun and learn online?

What I Dislike About Learnify

From my view, it seems like they are offering a different business than advertised.

For a website that is advertised as a learn and earn platform, it’s amusing that they also include the feature to purchase airtime and data for users, especially the fact that users are encouraged to spend with the money they’ve earned on the platform.

The website also features intrusive third party adverts that link to some phishing and adult websites.

So, users beware.

Can You Lose Money With Learnify?

I think you get what you pay for.

Users only pay to access the website and play games via purchasing coupons and vouchers.

The money is quite small, and most users would be willing to forgo any loss as long as they have fun playing the trivia questions.

Should You Join Learnify?

If you have time on your hands to do some brain training, then why not?

You could learn a thing or two while passing time.

But don’t expect to earn much on the platform, as you might be disappointed.




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