FBNQuest Review: A One-stop Shop For Portfolio Investing?

FBNQuest is offering an all-in-one platform where anyone could invest in a diversified portfolio with low to medium risk.

Through their investment platform, they are offering investment bouquet for different types of investors with different needs.

From accessing top performing securities and investment banking, to asset management and trusteeship.

If you are looking for a veritable way to start investing in well-managed portfolio, then FBNQuest might just be it.

In this review, we’ll take a look at some of their investment products to see what’s really in it for today’s investor.

Let’s dive in.

What is FBNQuest All About?

FBNQuest is a one-stop shop for  merchant banking and asset management controlled by FBN Holdings.

For the records, FBN Holdings is the new parent company under which FirstBank and its other subsidiaries belong.

So, FBNQuest started as an investment banking platform but in the last decade has also diversified into asset management, and become a full-service portfolio investment brand.

Here are the services they offer:

  • Corporate and Investment Banking
  • Investment Management (Asset Management, Trustees, etc) 
  • Institutional Securities (Fixed Income, Currencies & Treasury, Equities, etc) 

How to Start Investing With FBNQuest

Firstly, before you can start investing with FBNQuest, you have to know what financial service you need at every point in time.

Do you want to invest in handpicked stocks or securities with high growth potential?

Do you want to invest your funds in a portfolio that is managed by professional investment brokers?

Do you want to invest in a trustee for wealth management and transfer?

The choice is all yours to make.

You could talk to one of FBNQuest investment experts to find a solution to your investment needs.

Once you know what your investment needs are, you could then start putting your funds to work.

Here are some FBNQuest Products you could try out.

FBNQuest Securities 

With FBNQuest Securities, you could invest and diversify your wealth without hassles.

This product is designed to simplify the process of investing in top stocks and helps in investors make better informed decisions in the stock market for better returns.

With FBNQuest Securities, investors are offered a broad range of securities solution to help navigate the ever-changing stock market landscape.

Here, investors can also enjoy solutions such as investment strategies, fund structures, and asset advisory. These solutions can be divided into two:

Equity Brokerage

This is specifically designed for offering equities and stock brokerage services targeted at capturing securities and equity trading opportunities.

With this, investors can easily reach their investment goals in minimum time.

Fixed Income Currencies & Treasury

This product is designed to help investors improve their portfolio performance and increase earnings via trading currencies, fixed income securities, and soft commodities.

It’s a perfect way for investors to diversify their portfolio without taking on too much risk.

FBNQuest Funds

FBNQuest Funds is offering investors the opportunity to invest in specialized high-yield investment products that are handpicked by investment experts.

It is also important to note that FBNQuest Funds boasts one of Nigeria’s oldest fund managers, so they have both the industry experience as well as data backing their performance over a period of more than two decades.

With FBNQuest Funds, investors can diversify their portfolio via private equity with a potential for great returns.

Funds are invested in mid-cap companies, real estate projects in Nigeria and technology-focused shared venture capital funds.

Investors can be rest assured of the performance of FBNQuest Funds, as a legacy business of FBNHoldings Plc, due to the rigorous research processes put into the assembling and management of a portfolio of resilient investments by highly experienced managers.

FBNQuest Asset Management

This product is tailored to investors who want to stay handsoff while having the luxury of their portfolio being managed by experienced hands.

It is targeted at investors of all levels. From individual and institutional investors, to government, brokerages and insurance firms.

They offer a broad range of investment solutions targeted at different investor needs such as:

  • Portfolio Management
  • Asset Allocation
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Stock Selection
  • Investment Monitoring
  • Portfolio Strategy & Implementation
  • Financial Planning & Advisory 

These investment solutions can be categorized into four classes:

Asset & Wealth Management

In this category, investors enjoy professional assistance in managing assets towards achieving long-term goals.

This asset management service is offered across all major traditional and alternative asset classes towards targets such as liquidity management and mutual funds.

The end goal is to support investors in every way to reach their financial goals of wealth creation and asset enhancement.

Alternative Investments

This is tailored to institutions seeking for opportunities to unlock value in alternative investment classes.

Services offered could range from providing technical support to strategic guidance in cost, operations, and revenue optimization.

How Much ROI Does FBNQuest Offer?

With their range of investment products designed for different types of investors at different investment stages, the ROI is not fixed.

Whatever returns you get from FBNQuest would depend on what product you invest in and your agreement at the time of investing.

The good thing is that it is possible to have a mixed portfolio where investors can enjoy the benefits of different investment products.

However, it is important to note that most of FBNQuest products are designed for long-term investment.

The investors targeted by FBNQuest would most likely reinvest their returns back into their portfolio as their immediate goal would be to keep their portfolio growing.

Should You Invest With FBNQuest?

FBNQuest is definitely a great way to invest.

With a company that boasts more than 20 years experience, you’ll be dealing with managers who have a lot of industry insights and data to back their investment decisions.

If you’re investing for the long-term and your primary goal is asset appreciation rather than dividends, then FBNQuest would really be a great way to kickstart your portfolio investing.

The choice however, is yours to make.




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