How to Make Millions Investing in Container Real Estate

Container real estate is the next big thing in Nigeria right now.

And you can make money investing in containers just like you would real estate properties.

If you don’t have the money to go big on real estate or you are a small scale real estate developer looking to test things out, then container real estate may just be the perfect investment.

You don’t need to have millions to begin, but if you find the right space and opportunity, then you’ll be making some good money.

So, Why Container Real Estate?

Apart from its huge demand, there are many other reasons why container real estate provides the perfect opportunity for making money.

Land is not Compulsory

With container real estate, you don’t need to buy your own land to start building. You could rent or find a makeshift space to start with, and then grow from there.

Portable Properties

Container real estate are portable properties that can be moved wherever you want.

So, if you find a better location with better conditions, you could easily move your real estate there. No qualms.

Quicker Build Time

You could set your own container real estate in less than two months. No need wasting time on foundations and pillars.

This allows you a quicker build time so you could set up and start making money asap.

Cheaper to Build

It would shock you to know that most container real estate costs less than a tricycle in Nigeria.

In fact, you could build a standard container real estate with less than a million Naira.

This is a very good opportunity for people looking to try their hands on real estate development or those who are looking towards low-cost housing.

Can be Repurposed 

One of the biggest advantages of a container real estate is that it can be Repurposed for whatever you want to use it for.

You could turn a container shop into a container house and then turn it into a container hotel.

It’s all in your mind. Whatever you can dream, you can build with a container.

Container Real Estate Ideas

I’ve seen several models of container real estate, and they are all very profitable.

There are many ideas out there, and like I said, you are only limited by the ideas you can think of.

Here are some ideas to consider.

Container POS Kiosks

Container POS Kiosks are build-for-sale properties that are mass produced for roadside POS businesses.

You could build and sell, build on contract, or build for rent.

Container Shops

These are larger than the POS Kiosks and can be of varying sizes.

They can be used for normal shops, warehouses, mobile clinics, photography studios, and the likes.

The best business model that will make the most money for this type of container property is to build for rent.

You rent or acquire the space, design and deploy the container shop, and rent it out to business owners.

Container Homes

Container homes are now springing up in Nigeria like never before.

People are now building low cost houses that they can move wherever they want to go.

You could capitalize on this and build container homes for rent.

All you need is to rent or lease a land in a good environment and deploy your container home there.

The container home needs to have good insulation and cooling systems in place to be habitable.

Container Capsule Hotels

There is a current Africa-wide trend of container capsule hotels for backpackers and low-cost travelers.

I really would love to build this one for sure.

All it requires is a good location and a sizable land that can accommodate about four full-length containers.

You rent or lease the land, and deploy your container capsule hotels.

And then you start making your money.




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