How to Make Money With GIGM as a Student Ambassador

GIGmobility aka GIGM is looking to drive customer adoption and improve sales through its student ambassadors program, titled THE GIGNATION.

Through this program, GIGM is recruiting students and corp members across Nigeria to make money and earn as affiliates by referring friends to use GIGM.

As a GIGNATION Ambassador, all you have to do is refer a friend to download, register, and use the GIGM app, and get paid.

Essentially, it’s an affiliate program that pays per action; which is getting a friend to use GIGM services.

GIGM Services include:

  • Inter-state Transportation
  • Logistics
  • Group Tripping
  • Corporate Services

For every confirmed referral you bring to use GIGM, you’ll get paid a commission, depending on the value of service rendered.

Earn While You Learn

This is a perfect side business for students in Nigerian tertiary institutions to earn money while they earn.

You could be earning up to 30k Naira on a monthly basis just by helping your friends use an efficient transport service like GIGM.

Also, there are other pecks that you may get as a GIGM ambassador, such as:

  • Discount bus tickets 
  • Free trips to choice destinations in Nigeria
  • Future Employment with GIGM
  • Etc.

All you have to do is keep referring friends to GIGM and keep your fingers crossed.

How to Become a GIGM Ambassador

To join THE GIGNATION and become a GIGM Ambassador, all you have to do is register on their website.

You can join GIGM as an ambassador by using the link below:

Register to Become a GIGM Ambassador




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