Many YouTuber wannabes want to make money from YouTube but do not want to appear in front of the camera.

Do you know that you can still make money from YouTube without having to sit in front of a camera?

Yes, it’s possible. You can start with a quality voice note and grow from there.

In this article, I’ll be talking about how to start a YouTube channel that makes money from day 1 just by using your voice notes.

Let’s get started.

Create a Video Script for your Content

The first step is to create a script for the video content you want to make.

A script is basically writing down what you want to record.

It could be a motivational speech, an inspiring story, a tutorial, or even a poem.

Write it down and get set to record.

Record your Video Script with a Good Mic

Get a quality microphone and read out your script the way you want it to sound.

A mic would need a receiver to record and store your audio files, so use your phone or an audio software like audacity.

Make sure to record in a quiet place with no external distraction.

Convert your Voice Note to Theatre Quality

Now, your original audio recording would likely sound ordinary.

You need to make it sound extraordinary.

You can use an audio software to make the audio sound theatrical with reverberations, to avoid boring your audience.

A software like Audacity can do this very well.

You could also add other supporting sounds and effects to make the audio very attractive.

Find Free Clips for your Content

Now, you want your audio to have some visuals and make it an actual video.

You can find copyright-free clips or create your own clips to use. You could even buy original video clips online to use.

The goal is to have clips that correlate with what you’re saying in the audio.

Cut your Video in Bits for Shorts

Now, here’s the part where you want to make money with your content.

Cut your Video into reasonable bits of not more than 1 minute duration to make it a YouTube short video.

With YouTube Shorts, you can start making money immediately without meeting any of YouTube’s advertising requirements, as long as you have an active adsense account.

That means you don’t need to have any subscriber or meet any watch time requirement.

As long as your videos get substantial views, you’ll be part of those sharing the $100million YouTube Shorts Fund.

Start Making Money

So, all you have to do is create more short videos and ramp up more views for your content.

The more your viewership grows, the more money you can make.

Now, you can start making money.




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