How to Make 5k Naira Daily by Investing Little or no Money

Making 5,000 Naira daily in Nigeria is not as difficult as many people think it is.

Of course, many people find it hard to make 5,000 Naira per day in Nigeria, but that doesn’t make it impossible.

If you can make at least 5k daily, then it would be possible to make approximately 150k per month.

So, how do you go about that? How do you make that amount daily by investing little or no money?

Well, a wise man once said, “if you find out that you are constantly broke and in need of money, then it is either that you have nothing to sell or you cannot sell.”

So, you have to sell something to make money. You have to sell a skill, or a valuable item if you want to make a minimum of 5k daily.

With that understanding, let’s look at some of the ways to achieve that goal.

Sell on Fiverr

By now, if you’ve been following me, you would know that I’m a big advocate for making money on Fiverr.

If you can start making at least $10 daily on Fiverr, then hitting 150k per month would be an easy task.

However, on the average, if you crack the Fiverr code, you could be making an average of $50 per day.

So, hop onto the Fiverr platform and start selling your skills. 

If you don’t have any skills to sell on Fiverr, kindly read my article on how to freelance on Fiverr without any skills.

Sell on Jiji

Selling on Jiji is the fastest way to make money online in Nigeria by selling something.

Just last week, I helped someone sell a laptop PC on Jiji, and the sale took a total time of 2 days.

Just imagine if I had more laptops to sell, and I sell on average 3 per week with a commission of 10k each.

That would be 30k Naira in weekly income.

Instagram Flipping

Do you love social media and know how to harness social networks?

Are you good at using hashtags and making pages go viral?

Then you should be flipping Instagram for cash.

Flipping Instagram may not give you a daily income, but it can be very lucrative if you find a niche where there are lots of willing buyers.

An Instagram page with 20k followers can sell for anywhere between 30k to 50k Naira, or even more if the demand is high.

Sell on YouTube 

We’ve all been so used to watching comedy and sports on YouTube these days that we often forget that YouTube could be a very effective marketing tool.

You could start a YouTube channel that reviews and sells items in a particular niche.

I’ve seen channels selling T-shirts, puppies, real estate, vehicles, and even travel tickets.

There’s no limit to what you can do with your YouTube channel.

If you strike a goldmine with a hot or highly-demanded product, then you would be shocked at how much you’d be making on a daily basis. 

Start a Real Estate Agency

Anyone can start a real estate agency in Nigeria these days. The rules are so relaxed that you could wake up tomorrow and choose to become a real estate agent.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you have access to rental properties or lands in need of buyers, then you can assume an agent position and find a buyer for the deal.

Most real estate deals pay a commission of a minimum 10% of the worth of the deal.

So, all you need to make 5k daily is to find a tenant to rent a property worth 50k Naira. 

This amount is obviously on the low side, as many real estate property deals in Nigeria are worth from 100k upwards, often running into millions.

Host Beach Parties

Beach Parties are not dead.

The beaches are becoming crowded again, post COVID-19, and you can capitalize on that to make money.

Many people going to the beach don’t want to go alone. They want to mingle and make new friends.

That is where you come in.

You could start a weekend beach party for small groups, where they pay a certain amount for access, drinks, and entertainment.

The average price to join a group party these days range from 10k Naira upwards.

If you can get at least 10 people to join your beach party, you could make a profit worth half of the total amount paid.

Hosting beach Parties is a lucrative venture, and you would have some fun as well, if you are a sociable person.




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