How to Make Money as a Student Ambassador with Reaprite

Do you know that you can make as much as 50k Naira monthly as a student ambassador with Reaprite?

All you have to do is be a reputable student of a tertiary institution in Nigeria and willing to grow in a leadership capacity.

Reaprite is looking for student ambassadors to champion its brand among tertiary students and around campus activities.

If you qualify, then it’s a great opportunity to join to earn and learn even as a student.

Becoming a Reaprite Ambassador

The Reaprite campus ambassador program is designed to engage and empower students in campuses across Nigeria by signing them up as Campus ambassadors. 

The Campus ambassador will serve as liaison between their campuses and Reaprite.

Criteria to become a Reaprite Ambassador

The Reaprite Ambassador program is a competitive one. 

Reaprite is looking for students who already have the right balance of academic and social skills, and those already involved in leadership roles and social groups on campus.

To qualify for consideration, you have to meet the following criteria:

  • You must be currently enrolled in a Nigerian Tertiary Institution and pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree
  • Sociable and actively involved in student life on campus
  • Good relationship with school authorities
  • Maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.5 (for 5.0 grading systems)

Benefits of Becoming a Reaprite Ambassador

  • Earn monthly stipend and referral bonuses.
  • Participate in special Reaprite events and product training.
  • Obtain a certificate of recognition.
  • Access internship opportunities with Reaprite

How Much Can you Earn as a Reaprite Ambassador?

As an appointed Reaprite student ambassador on campus, you’ll be paid a monthly stipend for a minimum of 6 months in the program.

The monthly stipend is believed to be in the region of 10k Naira. But that is not all.

You’ll be entitled to commissions for every performance you achieve, such as getting students to signup and deposit into their Reaprite wallet.

The more students you are able to convert as a Reaprite Ambassador, the more money you can earn on a monthly basis.

Plus, there is no time-based obligation involved. All you have to do is create your own schedule to promote Reaprite on campus and promote their products.

Responsibilities of a Reaprite Ambassador

As a Reaprite campus Ambassador, you’ll be required to take on some few campus activities to drive adoption and usage for Reaprite products and brand events.

Some of the Responsibilities of a Reaprite Ambassador include:

  • Spread the word about Reaprite’s savings products to fellow students, and encourage them to join Reaprite and start saving
  • Work closely with Reaprite team by collecting feedback towards improving Reaprite product offering to users
  • Organize and host activities on campus to promote and raise awareness about Reaprite
  • Assist Reaprite in gaining a better understanding of your school culture.
  • Help Reaprite develop relationships with faculty and student organizations on campus
  • Be willing to devote at least six months of your time to this program.

Start Learning & Earning

Ready to start making money with Reaprite as a student ambassador?

Simply indicate here.

The program is very competitive, so only the best all-round students will be picked to represent Reaprite on their campuses.

If you are the one, then what are you waiting for? Go here.




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