The Simplest Way to Make $1000 Monthly in Passive Income

Looking to start making at least $1,000 monthly in passive income? 

You can do so in a ridiculously simple way by selling information products online.

Here’s how to start your $1k passive income journey according to a tweet by @hustlenconquer

It’s ridiculously simple, but just as effective as it gets. Here’s your $1k/month money-making blueprint.

Pick one Idea

Pick one Idea that works really well for you. 

It might be a difficult problem you’ve been able to solve or something that’s bringing so much joy to your life.

Make sure you know how to tell that idea so anyone could understand it.

Write 20 to 40 Pages

Now write a 20 to 40 page eBook of that idea, explaining in detail how it has worked for you.

A simple way to do this is to divide the idea into a minimum of 20 subheadings, and expand on each of them.

You could do this in 20 days by writing on one topic or subheading per day.

So, ideally you have your completed eBook in less than a month.

Export it to PDF

Once you’re done writing your eBook, convert it to PDF.

You could do this from your Google Docs, Word, Typepad or whatever writing software you’re using.

Upload on Gumroad

Upload your interesting eBook on Gumroad and publicize it.

You’ll need to have a verified PayPal account to get paid by Gumroad if you’re publishing from Nigeria or anywhere else outside the U.S.

Sell it for $20

$20 is a no-brainer for a simple eBook about something that has been working for you, and can work for others.

You could be getting as much as five sales per day if you market the product really well.

Make 3 Sales a Day

Now, set a ridiculously simple goal of selling at least 3 copies of your eBook per day.

How do you do this?

Market the shit out of it on all platforms. Run ads, get influencers to review and refer to it, vlog about it on YouTube and get your network to endorse it.

There you go. 

And you’d be on your way to earning $1,000 per month in passive income.




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