15 Easy Tech Startup Business Ideas to Start in Nigeria

Want to start a tech business in Nigeria that has a high chance of succeeding?

Looking to invest in a simple but high-demand business that could be enabled by tech?

If yes, then this article is the right fit for you.

The best thing about a tech business is that you can start it up from anywhere while targeting a wider demographic.

And most times, you don’t have to spend until you have a customer who has made a verified order.

Here are a few tech startup business ideas that are quite easy to set up and make money from.

My favorite on the list is number 12!

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    Digital Bills Payment

    This is one of the easiest tech businesses to set up in Nigeria.

    With over a hundred million active mobile phone subscribers, bill payment via mobile phone is now the norm, which makes for a huge customer base.

    You could easily set this up by purchasing an already made bills payment SDK and then reconfigure the payment integration for the mobile app.

    You could offer bills payments such as recharge cards, internet data, utility bills, and even school fees payments and other registrations.

    Flight Booking

    If you’re already in the business of flight booking or you have an acquaintance who is knowledgeable in the industry, then this should be a no-brainer.

    With a simple flight booking website, you could start helping new travelers find flight deals and travel options.

    There are even white label websites that are for sale for this kind of business. 

    You could use them to either sell affiliate flight deals for vendors or use it to display flight itineraries which can be paid directly to you via offline payment.

    Gadget Repairs On-demand

    The market for gadget repairs in Nigeria is huge. Very huge!

    With the gadgets and electronics market in Nigeria valued at over $10 trillion, the niche for repairs is comparatively lucrative.

    You could set up a trusted on-demand gadget repairs service where users could diagnose issues online and then order for repairs if issues persist.

    I know a popular service like this in Nigeria known as Hovatek, and they are doing quite a good job in that niche.

    The good news is that you don’t even need to have the repair skills, as you can simply set up the platform and act as a middleman.

    Digital Skills Trainings

    If you have a digital skill that is easily transferable, then you can set up an online skills training platform that can earn you money.

    You could monetize this in so many ways: sell subscriptions, utilize adverts, sell products and kits, etc.

    If you want to get users fast in Nigeria, then the skills you offer has to be a highly demanded one or one that can quickly be monetized.

    You could also do a free digital skills acquisition program and make money by offering certifications.

    Crypto & Gift card Exchange

    Buying and selling digital assets is now the norm for many young Nigerians, so this could easily be a lucrative tech business.

    You could either set up a general crypto and gift card exchange platform, or you set up a niche one.

    I’ve seen many niche crypto exchanges that are set up for newer cryptos, and targeting newbies, which is quite another good niche.

    You could also offer a quick P2P exchange on popular crypto platforms to kick-start your business and gather your first few clients.

    e-commerce For Accessories

    I’ve mentioned severally that the gadgets and electronics market in Nigeria is huge, and it creates several derivative markets that one can capitalize on and make money.

    Accessories is one of such because they are either needed to complement gadgets or for replacements of parts for electronics.

    You could set up an online shop that sells accessories for popular gadgets and brands, and you’ll be making money in no time.

    The good news is that setting up an online shop for your accessories business is now as easy as ever.

    You could simply sign up with any of the classifieds website or launch a shop on Jumia.

    And there you go!

    Food Order Service

    There is a saying that if good food is for sale, people will buy it.

    In order words, if you can cook good food or know someone who can, there is a high chance of making a business out of it.

    You could start a home-cooked food order service with a simple website or social media page where customers can make an order.

    For starters, most food order services start within a niche, and then grow from there.

    So, you could start something like a corporate lunch service or event orders, and then use the feedback to customize your food tech.

    Event Personnel On-demand

    Event personnel are critical to the success of any occasion or event, and are usually in high demand.

    Some event personnel include caterers, DJs, ushers, rentals, etc.

    You could set up a service where you deliver event personnel on-demand via customized social media pages or a website.

    Customers would simply log onto your platform, make a booking, and then you pull resources to fulfill the order after confirmation.

    Easy peasy, eh?

    Car Hire Service

    Uber what?

    There are thousands of customers who want to hire a car and drive it themselves, and they are ready to pay good money for it.

    You can setup a car hire tech that enables users to hire a car by the click of a button. 

    They simply put in their details which is used to run a background check, their destination, vehicle type, and then make an order.

    All vehicles would carry a tracker and perimeter limit tech that works with the order’s destination.

    You might need a lot of resources to pull this off, but it’s quite easy in terms of implementation.

    Equipment Rental Service

    I bet that you’ve rented an item or equipment some time in the past.

    I also reckon that you thought the service should have been delivered better than it was.

    And rightly so.

    The Nigerian rental marketplace is quite fragmented, which is marred by poor pricing and poor service delivery.

    You’d always have to be on ground to either push people to do what they are paid to do, or to ensure the quality of the service.

    And that’s why a tech-enabled equipment rental service is needed in Nigeria.

    Chef Hiring Service Online

    What many people don’t know is that being a chef is one of the highly paid professions.

    Not only are they paid for their skills, they are also paid for the delicate nature of the job, with lots of perks attached.

    The good thing about starting a chef hiring service is that you only have to deal with affluent customers and clientele.

    And the demand for chefs is almost a constant, as events, travelers, and food festivals ensure that there is always need for chefs.

    You could set up a chef hiring service website that lists chefs according to location and specialty, and allows users to book chefs directly on the website.

    Your main responsibility would then be to source, vet, and list the best chefs you can find.

    Website Flipping

    You could buy a car, refurbish it to taste, and then sell it for profit.

    But do you know that you could do the same for a website?

    Yes, that’s right.

    You could buy new or underperforming websites, refurbish them to taste, and then sell them for a healthy profit.

    And it wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, or even the hazzles of dealing with a typical Nigerian “kazeem”!

    You have to have the right knowledge of web and search though, to profit from this opportunity.

    If you’re interested in starting up something like this, you could hit me up to discuss.

    Digital Escrow Service

    In a society like Nigeria that is marred by fraud and scams of every nature, there is no gainsaying that a local trusted escrow service is needed.

    Unfortunately, there’s no reputable local digital escrow service in Nigeria as of today.

    The only ones available are brand agnostic, or those used for pay-on-delivery services.

    You could start a multi-purpose digital escrow service that ensures trust and simplifies e-commerce transactions in Nigeria.

    The platform doesn’t matter. It could be a website, app or p2p system, as long as it works for local transactions and all funds are safe.

    Solar Power Marketing & Installation

    With inconsistent power supply and the increasing cost of fuel, Nigerians are beginning to realize that generators are no longer a cost-effective means of generating energy.

    Solar power now seems to be the preferred alternative, especially considering short-term and long-term energy costs.

    This new demand for renewable energy sources like solar is now creating a lucrative avenue for employment and wealth creation.

    You could set up a solar power marketing and installation service where you partner with vendors to help deliver and manage their solar products to homes in need of them.

    There’s also the opportunity of becoming a sales affiliate for some of the well-known pay-on-the-go solar power brands such as Lumos.

    Salon & Spa On-demand

    With the increasing penetration of mobile internet in Nigeria, we’ve seen the growth of on-demand services and the rise of the online order culture.

    You could literally order for anything these days, and salon and spa services aren’t left out.

    To make a business out of this, you’ll need to have access to professional barbers, stylists, and masseurs who are willing to work on-demand.

    Then you set up a digital platform where users can book for home services. This could be a website, a mobile app, or even a social media page.

    As long as you do your marketing right, and show proof of quality service delivery, you’ll start getting orders in no time.




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