Starting a business and making money online in Nigeria is not as difficult as most people think it is.

We spend countless hours online doing networking, chitchatting, reading news, and getting entertained.

But do you know that you could dedicate some of that time to create and sell value that will make you money online? 

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the obvious but mostly overlooked ways to make some quick money online right now in Nigeria.

If you could dedicate just 2 hours daily online to focus on delivering any of the ventures, then you’d be making some good money for yourself.

That said, let’s dive in.

Sell Cheap Internet Data

Access to the internet isn’t free. 

Everyday, Nigerians spend billions of Naira buying internet data packages, so they could have access to the internet.

This telecoms market alone is worth over 500 billion Naira.

If you could have just 100 people buying internet data from you on a daily basis, you’d be making nothing less than 100k Naira per month.

It is that lucrative, but you have to be articulate in how you buy and resell, so as to maximize profit.

Sell Internet & Phone Cheats

Almost every adult in Nigeria has a smartphone.

In fact, 9 in 10 Nigerian adults have a mobile phone, with 5 of them being smartphones.

What does that tell you?

These phone users encounter problems from time to time and need to do one or two optimizations.

If you could provide phone tips and cheat to help them use their phone better, then they’ll be happy to pay for it.

You could easily sell this service on social media and on any of the several online forums.

Write a Problem-solving eBook

eBooks are gold mines for those that know the value.

Contrary to popular opinion, Nigerians buy thousands of eBooks on a daily basis to solve one or two problems.

People buy eBooks that solve health problems, relationship problems, fashion & beauty problems, educational problems, job problems, etc.

If you find a problem that a lot of Nigerians are facing, and you have the skills or resources to provide a solution for them, then you could sell your solution to thousands of people at once via eBooks.

This has been a money spinner for years, and it will never stop as long as the internet keeps existing.

The internet was created as a platform for sharing and finding information, and even though the majority of the information on the internet is free, many people are more than happy to pay for premium information for their painful problems.

Help Job Seekers Apply for Jobs

There are many job seekers in Nigeria who are tired of applying for jobs.

They either do not know where to look, or are just too lazy to surf the internet for job opportunities.

That’s where you come in.

If you could provide a service that helps job seekers to rewrite their Cvs, find opportunities in their fields, and apply for jobs, then you would make serious money.

Many of such services exist, but they are quietly making their money in order not to attract too much competition.

Sell Your Digital Skills

Do you have digital skills such as writing, designing, video making, web development, etc?

If yes, then you could be making serious money online.

What I’ve discovered is that most people with digital skills in Nigeria do not market themselves enough.

They either focus on a small niche or do not have the right marketing skills to atrt enough of the right clients.

But making money with your digital skills is very possible.

You should use the available social media and classifieds channels to build a brand for yourself and start getting the right leads.

Last time I checked, having a Facebook page is free. And you can do some marketing on that platform and start making sales.

Help Businesses Sell Online

This is the most underrated online business in Nigeria right now.

Helping physical businesses to sell online and grow their clientele.

There was news that was making the rounds recently about a particular man that made over 3 million Naira in just one month by helping an importer sell products on jiji platform.

That is exactly what I’m talking about.

Plus, there are one thousand and one things you could sell online. All you have to do is look around you and find the things that people are buying the most.

Start A paid WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp groups have become a new way for business conferencing and organizing seminars online.

More so, in these COVID-19 times, it has become more necessary to keep communications online.

A WhatsApp group could be the perfect solution for sharing premium information to paid members.

If you don’t want to write an ebook or don’t want to do a video, then a WhatsApp group will suffice.

I’ve joined a WhatsApp group where the organizer used only voice notes throughout. 

He didn’t type a single line of text, but was making more money daily than most people could make in a month.

Start An Online Cooperative Society

Cooperative Societies are the saving grace of most Nigerian workers.

Without a cooperative, most people would not be able to pay for their essentials like rent, utilities, and even food.

A cooperative society gives people the chance to leverage the support of others to live better lives.

That is why most Nigerians are always willing to join a cooperative society.

You could start one from your immediate network and grow it from there.

The plan is to reinvest pooled funds into fixed income platforms like Branch or Piggyvest, and then withdraw the money when requested by a member of the cooperative.

Sell Fashion Products on Instagram

Fashion is the easiest thing to sell online these days.

  • A T-shirt
  • A sports jersey
  • A trendy shoe
  • A cool pair of glasses
  • A nice dress
  • Etc.

Fashion is very easy to sell. As long as you can find quality fashion products, then selling them wouldn’t be an issue if you use the right marketing platform.

One such platform is Instagram. The social media shop of the internet.

You could start your own fashion shop on Instagram right now and start jumping on trends to create more visibility for your products.

It wouldn’t be long before you start making sales.

Buy & Sell Social Media Accounts

Want to make quick money online?

Then sell to those who want to make quick money online.

As ironic as it might sound, buying and selling social media accounts on the internet is a guaranteed quick way to make money.

It is the internet version of flipping real estate properties for profit. But way cheaper and faster.

The demand for social media accounts with a high number of followers and engagement is growing by the day, and buyers are willing to pay good money for a good social media account.

You could be a social media accounts dealer starting from as low as 5k Naira and grow from there.

The question is, are you willing to start today? right now?




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