How to solve Paxful Account ID Verification Issue in Nigeria

If you are an active crypto trader in Nigeria, then you must have come across Paxful.

Paxful is one of the popular wallets for trading cryptocurrency in Nigeria.

I’ve tried to use Paxful several times in the past, but have not been successful due to my ID Verification not being successful.

I have since camped with Binance and I’m really enjoying their services as a verified merchant.

Back to Paxful Again

Recently, I went back to Paxful again, as I had a giftcard I wanted to exchange for crypto.

Binance didn’t have the option to exchange gift cards to crypto, so Paxful was my only option.

I had to face the ID Verification issues again.

I downloaded the Paxful app, registered, activated 2FA, and tried to verify my ID and Address.

There were three options to choose from

  • Travel Passport
  • National ID card
  • Drivers License

I decided to go with the Drivers License, as that was what I had for now.

However, the same issue persists after snapping the front and back of the plastic card.

Here’s the message I got:

“The document you have submitted is of poor quality. Always submit a document with clear quality, all sides shown, and no flash covering anything.”

Extra ID Verification Option on Paxful

Just before verifying my ID on Paxful, there was a notification that from July, Nigerians can now verify their ID using their NIN number.

But the issue was that the option for NIN verification was not coming up on the list. So, I opted for Drivers License verification.

After my Driver’s License verification failed, I was wondering how I was going to use my NIN to verify my ID on Paxful if the option wasn’t there in the first place.

ID Verification on Paxful Web

As I was going round in circles, I thought why not try my ID Verification on the Paxful website instead.

I know that in web development, some companies can choose to build their mobile app from the ground up, which might have features different from what is obtainable on their website.

So, I hopped on the Paxful website, logged in, clicked on the profile head, clicked on ‘My Profile’ link, Scrolled down to ‘Verifications’, clicked on the ID Verification, and voila!

There were four options for ID verification, with the NIN option being the fourth option.

It was quite easy and fast to verify my ID on Paxful using the NIN option. And once my ID was verified using NIN, my address was also verified automatically.

I guess they would use the address details on my NIN to verify my address accordingly.

So that was how I was able to verify my ID and Address on Paxful. 


I wonder why Paxful couldn’t notice that simple UI/UX glitch on their app, with the NIN option missing.

Maybe they would find out via this article or via a concerned user.

Well, now you know. If you want to verify your ID quickly on Paxful, don’t use their app. 

Use their website instead and your Paxful account would be verified in a matter of minutes.




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