7 Gray Area Businesses That Can Make You Millions

Most people often shy away from business ideas and opportunities in gray areas, due to legal uncertainty and issues of morality that come with many of such businesses.

But there are many gray area businesses that are on the positive side of the law, and have the potential to make lots of money for their owners.

In this article, we’ll look at some interesting gray area businesses that can make you millions if you dare to start them, especially in Nigeria.

Let’s check them out.

Organ Donation Agency

Definitely in the gray area especially in a country like Nigeria with weak and unclear laws in the area of organ donation.

Many businesses in this market are often illegal and operate under-the-table deals with patients needing to replace vital organs.

You could create a voluntary organ donation agency where patients solicit for organ donors, and donors can volunteer to donate organs.

Albeit, financially induced.

Arrest Order Service

This is one service that I would definitely pay for.

There are many people out here looking to arrest offenders without getting involved with the police.

I’ve had cases where I wanted to arrest an offender but decided to let the issue slide due to my unwillingness to deal with the corrupt Nigerian police.

If I had access to a service that requires a small fee to assist me in making an arrest, I would be very willing to patronize such service.

And such a service would make good money, especially in Nigeria where civil offense is rife.

Lottery NGO

A Non-governmental organization (NGO) can be any type of business if they work within the right legal framework.

Hence, an NGO could operate a lottery business under the guise of empowerment, and it would stand as a legal operation.

Gray area, I know. But that is the intention in the first place.

With good legal advice, you can set up a lottery-focused NGO in Nigeria that makes millions while providing some form of empowerment for its community.

Just don’t name it Lottery NGO!

Paid Romantic Cams

Cams have been pivotal to the growth of social media in recent years.

In fact, popular social media platform, Snapchat was built entirely on the premise of cams and live feeds.

But one thing most people do not know is that cams have been used in the social media dark web to make money off gullible people.

Only- – fans *coughs* 

Men are really tasty these days and can pay good money for a live romantic cam if they get teased enough.

This can be a legal business, but it is definitely in a gray area especially when the question of consent and legal age of engaging in such activities is presented. 

Popular cam entrepreneur, Andrew Tate, is currently facing a legal battle for operating such a business.

So, cam money may come fast and thick, but legal issues could well be part of the package.

High Snacks Ordering Service

I never knew “high snacks’ was a thing in Nigeria until I came across it on the news.

Apparently, a company operating such business came under scrutiny and was questioned about the composition of their “high snacks”

If the composition of their high snacks didn’t contain any illegal substance, then the business would be seen as legitimate under the law.

However, there is a thin line between what substance is legal or illegal, especially in a country with weak laws like Nigeria.

Hence, why a high snacks ordering service could be seen as operating in a gray area.

Well, if you could get a bunch of youngies hooked to your high snacks, you could get viral recommendations and make lots of money.

Just ensure to stay on the right side of the law. 

Kids Record Label

Kids make good music, which can go viral and be in demand among their peers.

Hence a Kids’ record label can be a profitable venture if the right talents are recruited and their music skills honed.

But dealing with kids in a commercial sense could mean walking on eggshells due to applicable child’s right laws.

Hence why this business would be classified as being in a gray area.

A good way to go about it is to work closely with the child’s parents and to get good legal advice to back up the business plan.

Overseas Recruitment Agency

In my opinion, the majority of overseas recruitment agencies are shady, especially in Nigeria where there are many people seeking greener pastures abroad.

Most overseas jobs advertised in Nigeria are fake and targeted at desperate people who are trying to migrate from the country.

But the big question isn’t just about the legitimacy of a travel agent’s advert but the legality of performing such jobs overseas.

Many overseas jobs advertised today have been notorious for breaking local labor laws and infringing on the rights of immigrants.

Hence, operating an overseas recruitment agency would be classified in a gray area, even if it is guaranteed to attract thousands if not millions of clients begging you to take their money.  

Just ensure that the jobs advertised are as legitimate as claimed.




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