How to Start A Logistics Business That Makes Millions With truQ

TruQ wants to be the Uber of logistics in Nigeria and they need vehicle owners, drivers, and partners to join them in achieving that mission.

TruQ is creating the platform for logistics and transportation enthusiasts and investors to come into the industry and make money.

They are providing the infrastructure, technology, management and insurance to help willing investors thrive.

If you want to invest in the transport sector either as a vehicle driver, vehicle owner or investors, then TruQ is ready to help you start.

So, how does TruQ Work? 

TruQ is simply a transport logistics services company that connects people and businesses with vehicles to move goods across Nigeria.

They are partnering with motorists, vehicle owners and investors who want to put a vehicle on the road and earn passive income in return.

The type of vehicle should be goods-carrying vehicles, which ranges from minivans, vans, and trucks.

Simply put, you can drive a vehicle on their platform, provide a vehicle, or invest in the purchase of a vehicle, while TruQ provides the customers, maintenance, tracking, and insurance.

What Does TruQ Offer Differently?

TruQ is truly changing the game in the logistics sector by giving a chance to interested players to join the industry.

But they are doing that in a whole different way by supporting their partners every step of the way.

I’ve seen many other services such as this come and go. While some tried to innovate, others tried creating a fleet service.

I even wrote an article about the GIGM transport partnership opportunity.

But logistics is a really tough sector to crack due to the fragmented industry and its unique management needs.

I like the fact that TruQ is involved in every step of the way, which gives a lot of confidence to investors and vehicle owners going forward.

They ensure that vehicles on their platform make money for the owners and they provide flexibility in terms of management. You could even choose to drive your vehicle yourself or get your vehicle matched with a qualified driver on the TruQ platform.

Here are what they bring to the table:

Consistent Earnings

On the TruQ platform, you no longer have to worry about inconsistent trips and no-load days. 

Through the TruQ platform, you will know how many trips you have each day and how much you will earn.

Fast Payment 

With TruQ, say goodbye to payment delays, credit trips, and end of the month clearance.

TruQ pays promptly for all services at the end of each trip so you can manage your business and prepare for the next trips.

Comprehensive Insurance 

According to TruQ, the risk is on them. They take full responsibility for Goods in Transit (GIT) with their comprehensive insurance.

So, you don’t have to worry about incurring losses for your business. All you have to do is keep moving and delivering.

How to Start Earning With TruQ

To start making money with your vehicle on TruQ, it takes just five simple steps.

First download the TruQ Driver app from the playstore, then create a verifiable profile, then register as many vehicles as you want and verify the vehicle particulars.

Once you’re through with all these, you can start accepting trips and earning.

The most interesting thing about TruQ is that partners have complete control over how their vehicles are used.

You could use your vehicle for short trips or long trips, and either within one local area or choose to opt for interstate trips.

Remember that how much you earn will be determined by how far the trip and how weighty the items you choose to deliver.

So, you can always manage those factors right from the TruQ app and control how much you earn on the platform.




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