How to Invest in GIGM for High Returns as an Enterprise Partner

GIGM is changing the face of public transportation in Nigeria with its adept use of new transport technologies.

In a bid to further consolidate its position as the top transport company in Nigeria, GIGM is creating avenues for private investors and partners to come onboard its platform.

Through its Enterprise Partner Platform, GIGM wants to put more vehicles on the road, serve more interstate transport users, and help investors make more money.

Indeed, it’s really a good time for investors looking to take a punt in the transportation sector of the economy.

In this article, we’ll be looking at how the GIGM Enterprise Partner program works, and how you can start investing with GIGM to grow your money.

The Largest Transport Network in Nigeria

It’s no news that GIGM has the largest transport network in Nigeria, and is growing.

The company offers its services in different markets such as:

  • Interstate Transportation
  • International Transportation (West Africa)
  • GIG Logistics
  • Corporate Transport Services

Now, it’s taking it up a notch by leveraging its Enterprise Platform to integrate new investor partners and driver partners into its business.

The question now is, Do you want to become an Enterprise Partner with GIGM?

Do You want to start up a transport business?

Do you have some buses you would like to put to profitable use?

Do you want to contribute to providing better interstate road transport experience in Africa?

If yes, then you are welcome to join the GIGM Enterprise Platform.

How to Join GIGM as an Enterprise Partner

There are two ways to join GIGM as an Enterprise Partner, which would depend on what resources you have.

Here are both partnership options:

Individual Partner

Do you own a vehicle and are looking for a platform to give you access to customers? Then you can join GIGM as an individual partner.

All you have to do is have a clean vehicle, which could be a Sienna, Hiace, Sprinter or Jet Mover.

Then sign up to the GIGM Enterprise Partner Platform as an Individual partner.

GiGM engineers and quality control would check the vehicle, train you, and onboard you as a GIGM Captain (Driver) onto the EP platform.

The process works just like the more popular Uber and Bolt business models. 

You bring your vehicle to the platform, the company gives you access to customers, and in turn take a cut off the revenue. 

Corporate Partner

Do you own vehicles or a fleet and would love to put them to Profitable use? Then you should join the GIGM platform as a corporate Partner.

A Corporate Enterprise Partner is required to register on the GIGM platform as a business, with a minimum of 3 vehicles, which could range from Sienna, Hiace, Sprinter or Jet Mover.

All vehicles would be certified for optimal performance and then integrated into the GIGM fleet.

Investors looking to profit from this scheme are also welcome.

To invest as a GIGM Enterprise Partner, all you have to do is invest in the right vehicles and get them onboard the GIGM EP platform.

As a Corporate Enterprise Partner with GIGM, you would have access to the Enterprise app, where you monitor the real time activities of your vehicles.

Through the GIGM Enterprise app, you could check the real time location of your vehicles, the number of available seats, and the transactions done in real time.

This should represent a great source of passive income for any serious investor looking to invest in the transport sector.

Ready to Become a GIGM Enterprise Partner?

To register and become a GIGM Enterprise Partner, either as an Individual or a business, click the link below:

Become a GIGM Enterprise Partner




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