Crowd1 Investment: A Legit MLM or A Big Fat Scam?

Are you looking to join the Crowd1 network to start making money marketing digital products?

Crowd1 is a network marketing company that promises to make its members rich through access to various types of marketing opportunities.

According to the company, its operations are based on crowd marketing, with a mission to give its members access to be part of the worldwide digital economy.

Before joining Crowd1, you may want to follow through this review article to see if it’s a legit network marketing company or a big fat scam waiting to burst.

Let’s get right to it.

So, What Is Crowd1 All About?

Crowd1 is a network marketing company that offers digital products to its members and affiliates.

The company claims that it is not an investment company in any shape or form, so Crowd1 is free to join.

However, from my research, while it is free to signup on the Crowd1 website, you’ll need to subscribe to one of the Crowd1 packages to start making any money from the platform.

How Does Crowd1 Make Money?

Crowd1 seems to make money in different ways via purchases on their website and other affiliated digital products.

They make money when users subscribe to any of their packages, which could cost between €109 to €2499.

The company also makes money when users pay for any of their digital products, which includes gaming, education, and travel services.

Members who purchase any of Crowd1 subscription packages would have free access to some of their digital products.

How to Invest in Crowd1

Since Crowd1 claims that it is not an investment platform, maybe you cannot invest but join Crowd1 as a member.

So, how do you join Crowd1 as a member?

To become an affiliate member of Crowd1, you have to first purchase a starter package from the Crowd1 platform and be ready to start building your team, aka downlines.

Here are the Crowd1 Packages:

  • White Package – €109
  • Black Package – €299
  • Gold Package – €799
  • Titanium Package – €2499

How Much ROI Does Crowd1 Offer?

From my personal research, there is no clear way to earn a return from Crowd1 other than inviting other people to join the platform as your downline.

In other words, you make a percentage (about 12%) of what your referrals pay when they join the Crowd1 network.

Most Crowd1 members do not use or care about the company’s affiliate products such as its gaming or educational apps. 

Also, there is no clear way to make money from those affiliate products, as you cannot use them without becoming a member.

So, we circle back to purchasing the Crowd1 starter package which goes for a minimum of €109 ( ~70k Naira).

Is Crowd1 Legit or Scam?

You cannot say for sure that Crowd1 is a legit or a scam company.

I’d like to say that they operate in a grey area that could give them either a legit or a scam reputation depending on your experience with them.

Although in Nigeria, there are many fraudulent clones of Crowd1 and other people trying to ride off the wave of the Crowd1 popularity to scam people. 

So, you have to beware.

In my own opinion, most MLM companies like Crowd1 have members who ended up at a loss, especially those who came late to the party.

There have been several MLM companies in the past that left their members in tears and penury, and Crowd1 won’t be the last of them.

What I Dislike About the Crowd1 Network 

I Dislike the fact that Crowd1 is disguised as an affiliate marketing company, which it is not.

Most affiliate marketing companies have products that are bought and used by customers, whether they are part of the network or not.

But it seems that Crowd1 wants to sell its affiliate products only to members of its own network.

It just doesn’t make sense.

If you wouldn’t sell your products to users globally and make more money, then the Cash Cow isn’t the affiliate products then.

Obviously, the plan is to get you to circle back and buy one of the crowd1 starter packages.

In essence, the company’s only real product is its membership packages.

What I Like About the Crowd1 Network

As an investor and from an investor’s point of view, I don’t see any usefulness to joining or investing in Crowd1.

It all seems like a ploy to hoodwink gullible investors into parting with their hard-earned money.

If you choose to join the Crowd1 network, you’d be paying a hefty fee just to get a job as a marketer selling Crowd1 membership packages.

That is not the passive income or the residual income that they want you to think Crowd1 can provide.

Can You Lose Money With Crowd1?

If you pay to join the Crowd1 network, you won’t make any money unless you convince your friends and family to join too.

In essence, you have to work hard at recruiting new members for the Crowd1 if you want to make any money.

Otherwise, you’d be at a loss even after investing in one of the Crowd1 starter packages.

If you’re not certain of your ability to recruit at least 50 people to join Crowd1 as your downline, then you’ll most likely lose your money with this company.

Should You Invest in Crowd1?

For me, I wouldn’t invest my money or time with this company.

Not only is the opportunity not clear enough, it is purely an MLM scheme with no passive income in sight.

You have no control either, and you cannot pull out your funds if you choose to pursue other opportunities.

In my opinion, there are better opportunities out there to invest your money for better returns in terms of monetary and time inputs.

So, Crowd1 is not for me. 




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