Farm360 Investment: Legit or Scam Cooperative Farming?

Farm360 is one of the newest Agri-tech companies soliciting private partnership Investment for farm projects.

You’ve probably heard about them and are thinking of investing in their farm packages.

Well, you have to read this review article first to know what the company is all about, and if they are worth investing in.

What Is Farm360 All About?

Farm360 is advertising cooperative farming, where investors who have interest in agriculture can pool funds together towards funding agricultural projects.

The company is one of many such Agri-tech companies in Nigeria seeking to empower local farmers and solve the problem of food scarcity in Nigeria and beyond.

How Does Farm360 Make Money?

The company makes money by facilitating cooperative farming, and providing allied services in the agro supply chain.

They are actively involved in the production, processing and marketing of fresh farm produce and processed meat.

How to Invest in Farm360

Investors can invest in Farm360 via any of their farm packages.

Here are the available Farm360 farm packages below:

Poultry Cooperative Farming

This package facilitates investment in poultry farming by private investors.

The funds go into setting up poultry farms, processing poultry meat, and selling to the final consumers.

This package yields a ROI of 9% per annum.

Catfish Cooperative Farming

This package facilitates investment in catfish farming by private investors.

The funds go into setting up catfish farms, processing it for different markets, and selling to the final consumers.

This package yields a ROI of 15% per annum.

Development Cooperative

This package is geared towards equipping farms with modernized farming equipment, for maximum production.

Funds are pooled towards setting up new farms in new strategic locations, with modern farm equipment.

This package yields a ROI of 33% per annum.

How Much ROI Does Farm360 Offer?

There is no flat ROI when you invest with Farm360.

The ROI you get would depend on the farm package you invest in, and how many units you buy.

Is Farm360 Legit or Scam?

As an investor, you can’t be too sure about Farm360.

The only thing I know about them is just a bunch of information on their website.

They give no guarantees, and there is no insurance in place to prove that they are prudent and that they care about their investors.

So, in my honest opinion, Farm360 cannot be trusted. If you choose to invest with them, do so with only money you can afford to lose.

Can You Lose Money With Farm360?

By all indications, yes.

You can definitely lose money with Farm360 because the chances are there.

You have no control over how your investment is utilized, and you have no guarantees when and if something goes wrong.

So, this is essentially a gamble.

Should You Invest in Farm360?

I wouldn’t invest in Farm360.


I like the idea of cooperative farming, and I think the concept might have a genuine goal.

However, life can happen and things can go wrong.

If Farm360 wants me to trust them with my hard-earned money, then they have to put mechanisms in place to earn that trust.

As for now, I don’t just believe in the proposition of Farm360 and would advise you not to invest.

Maybe in the future, when they show enough traction or give better guarantees, they might be worth the money.




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