Zebra Fund Review: Ponzi Scam Waiting to Burst? See Proof

Zebra fund is one of the latest Ponzi schemes in Nigeria, and by all indications, it is a Ponzi scam program waiting to burst.

If you are considering investing your money and time into Zebra fund, it’s better to find something else to do.

In this review, we’ll be looking at the Zebra fund proposition, and giving you reasons why you should avoid the program as much as possible.

Let’s check the facts.

What Is Zebra Fund All About?

Zebra Fund is a Ponzi scheme in Nigeria that is presenting itself as an eCommerce opportunity.

For the naive and uninitiated, it looks good on the surface, but when you look beneath, Zebra Fund offers nothing more than robbing Peter to pay Paul.

According to their website, here’s what the company does:

“The Company is an app developed by Amazon, which aims to create products for entrepreneurs to expand marketing and increase sales. CEO Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos). Our app was developed on April 15, 2019 and is based on Wall Street in Lower Manhattan, New York.”

This is all a sham to hoodwink naive investors. Zebra Fund is not developed by Amazon, and has no relationship with Amazon or its founder, Jeff Bezos.

Any sensible person would know that the platform is run by Nigerians and that they are scammers, by the reason of their assertions and how the Zebra fund platform is designed.

By trying to rope in Amazon and its CEO, Jeff Bezos into its illegitimate business, Zebra Fund has proven to be deceptive and should not be given the benefit of doubt.

It reeks of a scam company that has no other plan than to hoodwink investors and dupe them of their money.

How Does Zebra Fund Make Money?

Zebra funds make money when you deposit money on the platform and when the people you refer deposit money into the platform.

There is also the possibility that you can get scammed if you put your card details on the website as seen above. 

Don’t do it.

The eCommerce business presented on the Zebra Fund website is only a way to legitimize its Ponzi scheme and make it look like an actual business.

On the platform, you will be engaged in some meaningless eCommerce tasks to earn some daily commissions. It just doesn’t make sense.

However, on the contrary, the main business run by Zebra Fund is a Ponzi scheme called the “Agent Program” where users earn commissions and bonuses for inviting new members as well as on the activities of those members.

Every other thing on the Zebra Fund platform is make-believe. 

Zebra Fund Membership Levels

VIP Experience

Minimum Deposit: 500 Naira

Number of Tasks: 15

Commission Ratio: 0.14%

Daily Return Rate: 2.10%

One-star VIP 

Minimum Deposit: 5,000 Naira

Number of Tasks: 15

Commission Ratio: 0.2%

Daily Return Rate: 3.00%

Two-star VIP 

Minimum Deposit: 10,000 Naira

Number of Tasks: 15

Commission Ratio: 0.22%

Daily Return Rate: 3.30%

Three-star VIP 

Minimum Deposit: 50,000 Naira

Number of Tasks: 15

Commission Ratio: 0.24%

Daily Return Rate: 3.60%

Four-star VIP 

Minimum Deposit: 150,000 Naira

Number of Tasks: 15

Commission Ratio: 0.27%

Daily Return Rate: 4.05%

Five-star VIP 

Minimum Deposit: 400,000 Naira

Number of Tasks: 15

Commission Ratio: 0.31%

Daily Return Rate: 4.65%

Six-star VIP 

Minimum Deposit: 1,000,000 Naira

Number of Tasks: 15

Commission Ratio: 0.35%

Daily Return Rate: 5.25%

Seven-star VIP 

Minimum Deposit: 3,000,000 Naira

Number of Tasks: 15

Commission Ratio: 0.4%

Daily Return Rate: 6.00%

How Much ROI Does Zebra Fund Offer?

Zebra Fund promises to pay a daily ROI according to users’ membership levels. This ranges from 2.01% to 6% daily return.

A 2.01% daily ROI would amount to over 60% ROI per month.

This is almost impossible to sustain, especially when there is no real business activity involved on the Zebra Fund platform.

This proves that Zebra Fund runs a HYIP, or Ponzi or MLM or whatever you call it. It is designed to steal from Peter to pay Paul. You could be Peter or you could be Paul, depending on how the stars align.

Zebra Fund also promises to pay commissions and bonuses for referring people to the platform, just like a MLM scheme would.

Zebra Fund promises 8% commission + bonuses for direct referrals, 4% commission + bonuses for the next line of referral, and so on.

This means that to make money on Zebra Fund, you would need to bring in more victims just to break even. 

Dog eat Dog world, eh?

Is Zebra Fund Legit or Scam?

From all indications, and without mincing words, Zebra Fund is a SCAM scheme designed to steal from you in one way or the other.

You could be scammed if you deposit money on the platform and Zebra Fund refuses to let you withdraw the imaginary earnings on your dashboard.

You could also be scammed if you play the fool and put your debit card details on your Zebra Fund account.

There is no other way this scheme plays out. You either lose or you lose.

It is a complete waste of time, money and effort, and I genuinely believe that only brain-dead individuals would fall for the Zebra Fund sham.

Can You Lose Money With Zebra Fund?

Not only just your money.

With Zebra Fund, you are also liable to lose your time, effort and relationships.

If you refer someone to Zebra Fund, and they lose their money, your relationship with them could be marred for life. 

Should You Invest in Zebra Fund?

Don’t. Don’t. Don’t.

A word is enough for the wise.

It is better to leave your money in the bank to collect dust while you do something valuable with your time, than to waste it on the Zebra Fund platform running meaningless tasks that pay you imaginary money.

If you want to safeguard your money and time, simply stay away from the Zebra Fund platform completely!




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