Pure Network Intel Review: Ad Network MLM Scam?

Pure Network Intel claims to be an Ad Network platform that connects brands to users while helping user groups to grow their networks and make money.

But a deeper look into how the platform is designed shows that Pure Network might just be another MLM scam waiting to burst.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look into how Pure Network operates and if it’s worth the money and time.

Let’s get started.

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    What Is Pure Network All About?

    Pure Network operates like a syndicate ads platform that connects brands to users.

    Brands advertise on the platform while users are incentivized to click on ads and share ads.

    For all we know this business model is flawed, with many similar platforms failing to deliver any real value over the last few years.

    So, what makes Pure Network any different?

    In my opinion, Pure Network doesn’t seem to have any real unique features, just a website with brand adverts and a bunch of users looking to earn free money. 

    How Does Pure Network Make Money?

    From a user standpoint, the way I see Pure Network making any money is from brand advertisers paying to advertise on the platform.

    But from what I’m seeing, there are just a few of these ads on the website, and they don’t even seem to be from real advertisers.

    I’m throwing my hat in the ring and guessing that many of those adverts on Pure Network are fake!

    Ways to Make Money with Pure Network

    Pure Network claims that users can make money in diverse ways on the platform. Here are the available options:

    Ads Vendor  

    Brand users can advertise on the platform and leverage the network of other users to gain visibility and make sales for their products and services.

    Affiliate System 

    According to Pure Network, users can perform tasks on the platform and earn value for their time, either as Ads clicker or affiliate marketer.

    Ultimate Cycle

    Pure Network claims to enable users to organize cooperative groups on the platform, and take turns in earning money from contributions.

    How Much Can You Earn on Pure Network?

    According to Pure Network, users can earn on the platform in diverse ways, such as referring others to the platform, performing tasks, and joining network cycles.

    Here are the Pure Network earning details:

    Referral Bonus: N5,000

    MLM Registration Bonus: N10,000

    Down line Bonus: N500

    Ads Clicker Bonuses: N1,000 and Above

    Is Pure Network Legit or Scam?

    Like I said earlier, these types of platforms are not new.

    We’ve seen similar platforms fly by night and dashing the hopes of users who have invested money and time in hope of making money.

    Nothing suggests that Pure Network is anything different.

    As a matter of fact, as of February 2023, many users on the Pure Network platform have started to complain of non-payments as withdrawal requests on the platform have largely failed.

    What I like About Pure Network

    One positive I see with Pure Network is that they are trying to connect brands with users and influencers who are incentivized to market products and services. Even though it doesn’t seem to work.

    The model is quite flawed because the users are not bringing any value other than clicking adverts in a bid to make money.

    How then do the brands sell their product and services to recoup their ad spend?

    Your guess is as good as mine.

    What I Dislike About Pure Network

    I’m thinking.

    Just maybe, this whole setup is a big fat MLM waiting to burst.

    The ad vendors on Pure Network seem to be fake, the platform has only a few ads, with most advertising Pure Network’s own offerings.

    How then do they make just enough money to pay their users?

    This sets my skeptical mind thinking that Pure Network might just be an MLM scam site using allied offerings to hoodwink users and waste everybody’s time.

    Can You Lose Money With Pure Network?

    With many users on the platform recently making complaints of non-payment, there is a high risk of losing money and time on this platform.

    I don’t see any real incentive to use the platform, as their offers are not clear or legit enough.

    In my opinion, this is probably one of those platforms for newbie internet marketers to try their hands and see if they would make any money.

    Should You Join Pure Network?

    It’s probably a waste of time and money.

    You’ll be better off doing something else with your time. Maybe watch a YouTube tutorial or launch your Facebook page.

    I didn’t want to write this review in this place because I thought it was a waste of my time, but this is for those who need a second opinion on what Pure Network offers.

    There you have it.




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