Ngannou’s Earnings from UFC 260 Could Buy him 10 Bitcoins

Francis Ngannou’s Earnings From UFC 260 Could Buy Him Almost 10 Bitcoins or over 300 Ethereum.

On 28th of March, at the main event of the UFC 260, Francis Ngannou became the undisputed UFC Heavyweight Champion of the world after knocking out Former champion, Stipe miocic. His second round Technical KO victory saw him walk home with a performance of the Night bonus of $50,000 in addition to his main purse earning of $530,000, summing his total earnings of the night at $580,000. 

So, if Ngannou decided to invest in Bitcoin, how much BTC would his earnings from UFC 260 get him?

At today’s rate of 1 BTC to $58,750 if the UFC Heavyweight Champion decides to invest his total earnings from his UFC 260 victory, which is a whopping $580,000 he would be able to buy approximately 9.87 Bitcoins.

Imagine holding almost 10 Bitcoins in your wallet? What would it feel like? Only a few people in the world today can boast of holding at least 5 bitcoins in their digital wallets. So, having almost 10 bitcoins would place the UFC Heavyweight Champion in the elite bracket of bitcoin holders.

Ngannou’s emphatic KO victory over Stipe Miocic makes him the third African-born UFC fighter to hold the UFC Champion Belt, alongside the likes of Israel Adesanya in the Middleweight division, and Kamaru Usman in the Welterweight division.

If Ngannou continues to defend his UFC Heavyweight Champion belt, he could continue to earn similar or even higher earnings per fight.

Assuming he defends his belt 10 times before retiring, and he decides to invest 50% of his earnings into buying bitcoin, he could have almost 50 BTC in his wallet at retirement.

That would place him at 1% of the highest and most valuable bitcoin holders globally.

Other Cryptocurrencies He Could Acquire

With his total earnings at UFC 260, he could buy: 

  • 302 Eth at 1 Ether to $1917
  • 1920 BNB at 1 Binance Coin to $302
  • 2944 LTC at 1 Litecoin to $197
  • 1070 BCH at 1 Bitcoin Cash to $542

Coming from a poor background in Cameroon and having first-hand experience of being homeless, Francis Ngannou’s journey to the UFC elite rank is a beautiful story of grass to grace, and would inspire any African looking to repeat a similar feat. 

Here’s hoping that Francis Ngannou does the smart thing of investing part of his UFC earnings in high-profit investment portfolios towards preparation for life in retirement. Congrats Champ!




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