How to Get Rich Working Longer Hours: Alex Hormozi Strategy

According to Alex Hormozi, CEO of, getting rich is easy if you just work longer hours.

The events that happen when you focus more at work will ensure that you have more money sitting in your bank account.


So, if I just work more hours per day, I could one day become a multi-millionaire?

That’s right, if you work at the right things.

The Hormozi strategy posits that the longer hours you work, the higher your probability of solving real problems that can bring in more money.

Here are some of the ways you can make more money by putting in more hours at work.

You Make More Money When You Work More

Obviously, right?

Rather than waste the whole day surfing social media and the news, you could be putting in more time into beneficial activities that bring financial gains or personal development.

Working more doesn’t mean trying to look busy by engaging in fluff activities.

It means identifying the right activities with long-term gains, and putting in the right amount of focus hours.

If time is money, then this is how you know.

You Have Less Time to Spend the Money You Make

This is one of the hidden benefits of working more.

The longer you work, the more money you can save because you have less time to engage in money-spending activities.

This doesn’t mean you’re going to starve yourself just to save more money.

It’s actually a natural process, and you’ll discover that as you work more, you’ll have less need to spend the money you make on unnecessary activities.

Personally, I can attest to this.

I remember during the crypto bubble when ICOs were popping up everywhere, I had so much work to do that I couldn’t even find time to sleep.

It was funny that I was making too much money but was unable to find time to spend it.

Someone even joked that with the way I was going, my bank could end up being the ones to enjoy my money.

Well, that phase passed, and I was able to put my money to work.

I believe that if you’re making enough money and still have too much time on your hands to lavish it, then it’s a sign that you need to add more work engagements to your schedules.

You Have Less Time to Think About Problems That Never Mattered

Lately, I’ve been so engrossed in the news due to the shambolic elections just concluded in Nigeria.

I discovered that the more I watch the news, the more I think about problems that never mattered.

I had no influence on these problems I worry about, and I begin to wonder why I waste so much time on them.

Well, it may be a sign that I now have too much time on my hands.

Time to get back to work.




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