5 Quick Steps to Start Making Money Online in 2023

The number one fact about making money online in 2023 is that most people won’t make a dime through their online activity.

Another fact is that most of the online opportunities for making money in 2023 are either scams or designed to waste your time.

Without being aware you could be going in circles for years and paying through your nose for it.

So, if you want to make money fast this year, you need to know how to cut through the nonsense and go straight to the activity of making your money.

That will require you to stick to a few stringent steps and focus on the goal of attracting activities and people that put money in your pocket.

If you’re a no-nonsense person like me who likes achieving results without going in circles, then this post will help you fasttrack your journey to making money online this year.

And that’s even if you’re a complete noob with bright green vegetables growing out of your ears. Lol.

Let’s cut to the chase.

Get The Relevant Skills

I can’t buttress this enough.

Without having the relevant skills, you won’t be able to make money online, even if you’re the next thing to Edison.

Money is not printed on the internet or sprayed generously to people who ask for it over the internet.

Ok, I know there is something like a ‘giveaway’ culture and the online ‘bambiala’ gang who go online begging and seeking for free money.

But you really don’t want to be an online beggar who gets crumbs occasionally. 

And that ‘occasionally’ could be once in a year or even a lifetime. How do you then put food on your table?

Well, here’s a good idea. Develop yourself in one or more digital skills in one or more relevant industries, and see your demand skyrocket.

With the relevant digital skill, you’ll have the option of either working for yourself via an online business or freelancing for others via a side gig.

Get The Right Mentorship

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that the right mentorship could save you years of going in circles trying to learn things for yourself.

You could have all the ideas to start making money online, and you could even be making some quid with your online activities.

But if you get the right mentorship from someone who has walked your path before, you could easily triple your result with just a few adjustments.

I know that most people looking to make money online are independent and self-starters.

However, it doesn’t negate the need to seek the right info from others who are making it big in the same niche.

Like they say, “what you know can get you by, but who you know can take you round the world.”

So, you need to start wearing your networking hat right from the start. You can choose to work independently, but build a strong niche network of experienced people who have done what you want to do.

And you’ll effortlessly fasttrack your journey to building the digital career you desire.

Genuinely Put Yourself Out There

I’ll never get tired of counting people who want to make money online but never make any effort about this.

These are the dreamers. 

They fantasize about making a cool income over the internet, but never work for it.

Heck, they don’t even have the right skills or the tools to deliver any measure of value both offline and online.

And then they wonder why the only people contacting them online are friends asking for personal favors.

You don’t want that.

Instead you want your inbox filled with client messages asking for your services or wanting to discuss project details and fees.

You want your online activities to provide monetary returns that can fund your lifestyle in ways that you could only dream of.

So, why not focus on those kinds of online activities?

Why not put yourself in the right social networks and online places?

Why not go where your skills are needed rather than where your chatter is needed?

The ball is always in your court.

Avoid Getting Stuck With Learning 

If you want to start making money online ASAP, then you need to avoid getting stuck with learning.

Many beginners unknowingly find themselves in the proverbial “tutorial hell” where they keep learning and going in circles without developing the right problem-solving skills or even deploying their skills in a live project.

While it’s good to learn the right fundamentals and build a strong foundation in your chosen niche, you need to know when to stop learning and deploy your skills.

One thing I’m proud of is that even though I’m the type of person that would get stuck in “tutorial hell” (because I love learning), I managed to start working on projects even as a complete beginner while learning on the job.

Nothing beats sitting with a project and working hard to learn a skill you need to solve a particular problem.

And no matter your level of expertise, there will always be times when you’re stuck and need to learn something fast.

So, trying to learn everything there is from the start is a newbie mistake that would have you stuck, with no experience, and making no money.

So, just learn the foundations and get started already.

Find A Relevant Niche

I’m a lover of niches no doubt.

And that’s because I’ve had more successes than failures when I stick to a niche.

With a niche, you’re able to focus your skillet to a single area, which allows you to quickly become relevant and start deploying your skills.

A relevant niche is one that matches your skillet, has enough paying customers, and has a long lifespan if not evergreen.

Personally, a niche is a business category where I thrive, where I easily deliver high-quality services, and one that gives me a good social status.

A good sign that a niche could be relevant to you is that you already enjoy content in that niche or you’re already doing a few online or offline activities that are related to that niche.

If you find yourself looking for the right niche, then maybe it’s a sign that you have to take a step back to develop yourself first.




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