Top 10 Popular Niches To Quickly Make Money Online In 2023

Making money online requires a deliberate plan to find a niche where you can effortlessly provide value and get paid.

I’ve always believed that the quickest way to make money online is by offering a product or service in a micro niche.

Most people who fail to make money online are either unable to find a profitable niche or struggle to provide value in a profitable niche.

However, there are many profitable niches out there, and everyone can find a niche where they can thrive.

In this article, we’ll look at the top 10 popular niches that can help you make money online as quickly as possible.

You only have to find the one where you can provide the most value and make the most money.

Let’s find out.

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    This is the parent niche for digital nomads.

    Backpacking and work travel has become a thing in recent times, and many people are willing to learn about it.

    The biggest advantages of this niche is that you can sell a lot of digital products.

    Tickets, travel guides, group trips, visa process ebooks, etc.

    If you can tailor your content to a micro niche in backpacking, you will be able to reach a lot of backpacking wannabes and make money.


    In 2020, dropshipping became one of the top ways to make money from home.

    People were making sales via their eCommerce sites without spending on inventory or even lifting a kg of product.

    Before long, passive income enthusiasts began to invest heavily in this niche, making it one of the most popular online niches.

    Still, you’re not too late to hop into the dropshipping niche and make money for yourself.

    However, you’ll have to dive deep to find a micro-niche where you can start from and then expand your dropshipping enterprise.

    Home Remedies

    Home remedies have been an evergreen niche as far back as a decade.

    People are looking for home remedies and natural ways to solve health problems, and they are willing to try out a few non-medical methods.

    With home remedies, you can sell a lot of products such as ebooks, video tutorials, and even actual herbal products.

    It’s important to have the necessary experience if you want to thrive in this niche and make money.

    Subsistence Farming

    Of all the niches, this is one that I’m most likely to try out.

    Not only because it is a viable age-long way to survive and make money, but also because of its several health benefits.

    If you’ve ever grown anything at home, then you’ve engaged in subsistence farming.

    If you’ve ever fed a chicken or a fish, even for a day, then you’ve engaged in subsistence farming.

    This is to show you that almost everyone you know has an interest in this niche, which makes it popular.

    Just like the home remedies niche, you’ll need substantial agricultural experience to thrive in this niche.

    Popular categories in this niche include greenhouse farming, pest control, livestock supplements, vegetable farming, etc.

    Home Decor

    If you have a great eye for details, then you might just be a good fit for the home decor niche.

    Home decor is one of the most misunderstood niches due to the impression that you have to wear many hats to succeed in it.

    However, home decor is simply the management of articles and their arrangements in the home using different vendors.

    As long as you have a good eye for spacing, arrangements and color, you can thrive in the home decor niche.

    You don’t have to be the one to make the furniture, paint the walls, or draw the portrait. 

    You could hire vendors for those, and make them add up to create the kind of ambience you imagine.

    In the home decor niche, you can sell direct home decor services, procurement services, and even hospitality management.

    Big money services if you ask me.


    Freelancing is arguably one of the biggest niches in the last decade.

    I daresay that many of the internet millionaires in the past few years made their money via freelancing.

    Proud to say, my earliest income online was made via freelancing from Nigeria.

    The good news is that freelancing is still a very popular niche with lots of newbies willing to pay good money to learn one or two things.

    If you have any experience freelancing, then you could hop into this niche and sell that experience for money.

    You could sell ebooks, direct assistance services, freelance mentorship, etc.

    Minimalist Lifestyle

    I never knew that a lot of people around the world are starting to go the way of minimalism.

    But this is actually an age-long practice especially in and among Asians.

    It is the practice of living as simply as possible.

    For some people, living with minimal stuff can be as easy as taking a mat and holidaying on a mountain.

    But for many others, it could be very hard to cut off many of their essential wants. This means that a lot of people are willing to learn how to live minimally.

    If you’ve mastered the art of living minimally or even know someone who has, then you can create content in this niche while offering products and services for sale.

    You could sell ebooks, coaching, and even products if you are able to acquire a reasonable audience.


    An evergreen niche that almost every adult would one day be interested in.

    Parenting is not as easy as many think it is, with many parents not readily equipped or even available for parenting.

    Many parents today have reached their wits end when it comes to parenting their kids the right way, and they are actively looking for professional guidance.

    If you are a successful parent or a trained G&C, you could start a parenting channel or website where you help parents solve problems or difficulties in parenting.

    In this niche, you could sell ebooks, private counseling, and even live sessions with kids, which are legitimate avenues for making money online.

    Home DIY

    As a DIY enthusiast, I wholly approve of this niche.

    This is one niche where you can make money just by showing people how to do simple stuff at home.

    How to fix a broken switch, how to hang a window curtain, how to lay a duvet, etc.

    If you’re home DIY expert, you could create DIY ebooks for sale or offer specialized trainings for specific DIYs.

    You could also make money with affiliate marketing by referring your audience to Amazon to purchase DIY tools and equipment.


    Photography is one of the most underrated niches on the internet.

    Because everyone now has a phone with a powerful camera doesn’t mean that everyone can do photography.

    It is a skill that needs to be learned and practiced in order to attain perfection.

    Little wonder, there are millions of people online willing to commit resources to learn photography and improve their photography skills.

    So, if you’re a professional photographer with a range of skills, you can share what you got online and curate an audience that you can sell to.

    You could sell video packages, private coaching, mentorship, and even photography services.

    You could also refer your audience to purchase cameras and photography gears via your affiliate links, and make some passive income.


    The goal of making money online via a niche can be achieved by matching your skills to an area of digital expertise that is well sought-after.

    If you’re good at what you do, and you’re focused on targeting the right people and helping them to profit from your skills, then you’ll likely succeed.

    How quickly you make money online would depend on how quickly you’re able to build a following or an audience that is sufficiently interested in your offering.




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