How To Make Money Online With Twitter Account Arbitrage

Do you know that you can make money online buying and selling Twitter accounts?

Better still, creating Twitter accounts for free and flipping them for cash?

Twitter account arbitrage has been going on for a very long time. The only thing that changed is that it got easier.

It’s now way too easy to make money right now flipping Twitter accounts.

Before, you’d have to toil and hop on trends for months to grow your Twitter account and then sell it for cash.

These days, you’d only need to slap on a badge, do a little outreach, and get people begging you to take their cash in exchange for your Twitter account.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the ways to do just that.

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    Twitter Before Elon Musk: Engagement Drive

    Before Twitter was acquired by Elon Musk, engagement was key to growing a twitter account.

    If you wanted to grow a twitter account towards a future sale, you’d have to stay active on the platform and try to create engagements.

    The more you engage with other users and the more politically correct you are on many of the trending topics, the more followers you can attract.

    This can take months and sometimes years to achieve. It’s definitely hard work.

    That’s why most Twitter account arbitrageurs tend to grow more than one Twitter account simultaneously so as to consolidate on the time requirement.

    I’ve even seen a few people try to grow up to 10 Twitter accounts at the same time.

    However, this whole hassle is about to hit a different dimension after Twitter was acquired by Elon Musk.

    Twitter After Elon Musk: Authority Drive

    Coincidentally, Elon Musk, through his decisions, is living true to his reputation as a free market enabler.

    Many secret Twitter account arbitrageurs would really love him.

    After Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter and the subsequent availability of the verified badge to the public via Twitter Blue, authority is now officially available for sale on the platform.

    You can now have the reputation of an authority in your niche just by subscribing to Twitter Blue.

    No where in the world can you buy that level of influence for just $8 per month.

    And the frightening thing is that this is just the beginning of the monetization of influence on the web.

    Influencer marketing is winning the social media marketing battle almost by a landslide and platforms would get weaker by it.

    A win for users if you ask me.

    So, with the authority drive, anyone can quickly grow a twitter account and sell it for anywhere between 1000% to 2000% profit.

    Let’s take a look at the process.

    How To Do Twitter Account Arbitrage And Make Money

    For many people who already flip Twitter accounts for sale, this process might not be new, but slightly different from what was previously obtainable.

    Step 1: Create or Buy a Twitter Account With a Catchy Business Handle

    First you need to have a Twitter account that has a catchy handle.

    You could cheaply buy a twitter account that you like from other users if the account has a handle that you fancy.

    Or you could get creative and coin your own catchy Twitter handle.

    The idea is to have a handle that can be used for a brand account in any target niche.

    For example: 

    • @Xfinance for Finance niche
    • @beaubeau for fashion and cosmetic niche
    • @tradexincome for stock trading niche
    • @sportfinex for sports and betting niche
    • @carlux for luxury car niche

    The idea is to have a Twitter handle that is simple, yet catchy, and can be used for promoting products and services in a particular niche.

    Step 2: Change the Name to a Personal Name

    If you bought the Twitter account, then you have to change the name to a personal name.

    This could be a fictitious name. It doesn’t matter that much, just use a presentable name that isn’t offensive.

    If you created the Twitter account from scratch, then you can just put up a nice name on the profile.

    Note that this name should be different from the Twitter handle.

    So, if the Twitter handle is @Xfinance you can write Solomon as the profile name.

    The idea behind this is to create a personal feel with this account, and also because the profile image would be a personal image rather than a brand logo.

    Step 3: Put a Personal Profile Image

    Once you’ve added a profile name, you can then upload a personal image or display picture.

    The picture should be a professional image that depicts someone who operates in that niche.

    It also doesn’t have to be a real person. It could be a model image.

    So, if the niche is finance, you could have a picture of a smiling man in a suit. If you’re in the fashion niche, then a picture of a model would suffice.

    Step 4: Subscribe to Twitter Blue

    Now, we need Twitter Blue so as to give authority to our Twitter account.

    If you created a new account, you’d have to wait for a few weeks to age the account and also to get in a few followers.

    To save time, it’s best to buy a small Twitter account that is already aged, and then you can change the handle and profile, etc.

    Once that is set, subscribe to Twitter Blue and get your verified badge.

    Note that this verified badge is temporary and subject to your monthly subscription payments and adhering to Twitter Blue policies.

    Step 5: Start Outbound Marketing

    Once you have the verified badge, you have to quickly start outbounding.

    We don’t want to pay for Twitter Blue for more than 3 months.

    So, you have to make sure that your contents and tweets are on point, then you start reaching out to people in your niche.

    Simply like their post, retweet their posts, follow them and ask them to follow you.

    This is by far the fastest way to grow your Twitter account right now. Once people see that you have a verified badge and you’re engaging with their content, they will be compelled to follow you.

    Step 6: Grow Account to a Reasonable Amount of Followers

    Continue outbounding until you have grown your Twitter account to a reasonable amount of followers.

    You could also improve your engagements by copying and modifying interesting tweets from other authorities in your niche.

    If something seems interesting in other people’s tweets, then there’s an equal chance that it would also be interesting in your own tweet.

    So, find content and tweets that are interesting, witty, funny, and thoughtful on other people’s pages and repost them.

    And keep growing.

    Your target should be to grow into tens of thousands.

    10k, 20k, 30k, 80k.

    Whichever you are able to achieve within 3 months should be okay.

    Step 7: Change the Profile Name or Profile Image

    Now here is the deal.

    Once you get to your desired amount of followers in 3 months, you want to stop paying for Twitter Blue.

    Now, the fastest way to stop paying for Twitter Blue is to get Twitter to suspend your Twitter Blue subscription and remove the verified badge on your account.

    Twitter Blue has a rule that once you are verified, you cannot change your profile details or image.

    If you do so, the verified badge would be automatically removed until Twitter is able to reverify the newly added profile details.

    So, the plan is to relinquish that verified status before you put up the account for sale.

    You don’t want to pass that monthly expense to the buyer of the account. If they want a verified badge, then they can apply after purchasing the Twitter account from you.

    Step 8: Flip the Twitter Account 

    Now that you’re set, you can start pitching your popular Twitter account to potential buyers.

    An account that is professionally setup, has a large followership, focused in a niche, and verified-ready, is a hot cake.

    You’ll easily find people willing to pay good money for that kind of Twitter account, as long as the niche is a popular one.

    You could sell that kind of Twitter account for between $100 and $1,000 if you want to do a quick sale or higher if you can patiently wait for the big payday.

    You would have only spent $24 on Twitter Blue subscription, plus other miscellaneous expenses.

    Smile to the Bank

    Smile to the bank.

    Once you get paid, you can easily use a part of the proceeds to repeat the process. 

    And keep smiling to the bank.

    If you make a big sale, you could even do more than one Twitter account arbitrage at once.

    It would take a lot of work, but definitely ends with a big cash out.

    If you can do 3 accounts at once in a good finance niche, you could sell them for a healthy profit if you take your time to find the right buyers.

    And you’ll definitely be frequenting the bank!




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